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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hiroki returns to the realm of gunpla and anime models!

Okay it's official Hiroki has come out of model retirement! Well I guess it couldn't be helped after purchasing the Tengenkandou Gurren Lagann! :P The subject that sparked this decision was the SD Unicorn Gundam. The build is going to have a metallic red psycho frame and all the exterior armour pieces in matte. Periodic progress will be uploaded during the construction of the model!

Okay the story behind this purchase was a funny one. How can I put this... hmm I sensed its presence like a Newtype! I had a feeling to go to Hobbyco to look for it. I arrived early and waited for Richard to open the doors. I went straight to the SD Gundam section and found it there! When I went back to Richard to pay for it he said,

"Woah! You're quick it only got delivered this morning and put on the shelf ten minutes ago!"

External Collections returns!

When we first started I posted an external collection onto the blog. This time I'm posting a collection that belongs to someone that I actually know! Her name is Pauline and she used to be my contact when I bought stuff from Astro Hobby (The first store I bought goods from)! Once that store closed its doors I moved over to their mother store Modeller's World which eventually went kaput as well. Now I get my goods from the new and improved Hobbyco and the best store in Sydney Hobby Dream!

Okay onto Pauline's collection! Bare in mind this is only 30% of her goods! I will continue with the updates in due course.

and there is plenty more from where this came from.....

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Code Geass Gaiden Boukoku no Akito

Okay a new update has been given about the new Code Geass anime announced a while back. The story is called Boukoku no Akito and for the time being the follow plot spoiler has been revealed.

a.t.b 2017. A KnightMare unit of 11 youths embark on an operation to save their comrades stranded on the European front, their odds of success only 5%.

So its been implied that theres an all new cast which unfortunately should rule out Lelouch. So I say the two old cast member that would be returning based on my prediction should be CC and Suzaku as Zero if we are lucky Kallen as well.

Edit: I did my research again the events of the original show are running parallel to the anime. To which I believe to be the arc missing during Lelouch's memory loss.

Avatar Sequel!!!

Well guys I recently stumbled upon some very good news. For all you Avatar fans, there is word that there will be a sequel straight from the horses mouth!

James Cameron recently spoke to the LA Times and said "Part of my focus in the second film is in creating a different environment - a different setting with in Pandora." So guys yes there will be a avatar sequel James also said
"And I am going to be focusing on the ocean on Pandora, which will be equally rich and diverse and crazy and imaginative, but it just won't be a rain forest. I'm not saying we won't see what we've already seen, we'll see more of that as well."

Well guys now we just wait and see what else James Cameron brings to the silver screen.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sangokuden Reflections

We are now three episodes into the new anime season. Three is more than enough to form a judgement if a series is worth continuing or not. Ironically Sangokuden is a story about Three Kingdoms! There is some spoiler content so be warned ladies and gentlemen!

To be honest I was a bit skeptic to pick up thise series up at first. The episodes only run for fifteen minutes which meant that the storyline would either be super condensed or drag out to all infinity. But casting those thoughts aside I progressed with checking it out! WOW! I couldn't be more impressed. This series easily had the best animation in all of the new season and one of the best colour palletes I've seen. The vibrant colours and the transition from comic to anime was an fantastic effort.

For those in the know. Sangokuden Gundam is based off the Romance of the Three Kingdoms when the Kingdoms of Shu, Wu and Wei fought for total control of the Chinese landmass. China has been renamed to Mirisha and the warriors of the time are reflected as Gundams. The setting being that Mirisha was created by the Three Sovereigns who gave up themselves to become Sky, Water and Land. Their souls were transferred into three weapons to be wielded by heroes in a time of peril... one of these weapons is the Dragon Emperor Sword.

I may be biased because my favourite colour is blue but for the time being Liu Bei is my favourite design. As always Liu Bei is portrayed as a "man" with a strong sense of justice.The first episodes starts as the awakening of Liu Bei, the death of his teacher by the hands of General Ma Yuan Yi of the Yellow Turbans , the awakening of the Dragon Emperor Sword and ends with Liu Bei's quest to explore Mirisha

This episode was a good introduction to the series in the second episode Liu Bei encounters two warriors his brothers to be Guan Yu and Zhang Fei. The pair were  fighting because of a misunderstanding and were stopped by Liu Bei who stopped them before a fatality.

So the trio are finally acquainted in Zhang Fei's village to be attacked by the Yellow Turbans. The three open up a can of whoop arse and start heading towards the Yellow Turban main camp.

Talk about a massive 180 first off they regard Liu Bei as their follower then the next episode they are calling him Big Bro by the end of the episode! the third episode saw the debut of the other greats Cao Cao and Sun Jian and plenty of Gattai action!

Cao Cao Forces

Sun Jian Forces

The Yellow Turbans begin their plan to foil the Sun Jian and Cao Cao forces by setting a diversion to escape. Their plan is foiled by Liu Bei  which now begins the trend of combinations in Sangokuden.

The Yellow Sky The O knocks the Shu Trio down. I was quite impressed by the artwork and the attention of detail. The resulting burn marks and scratches added a nice touch to the battle scene. However once again the Dragon Emperor Sword saves the day by starting a combination which i call the shoulder stealing technique!


After confirming that Liu Bei's sword is the Dragon Emperor Sword Guan Yu requests to become Liu Bei's sworn brother and promises to assist in Liu Bei's fight for justice, Zhang Fei decides to do the same. At the end of the episode the Oath of Brotherhood in the peach garden was made.

Overall I was very impressed with this anime if it resembled the facts of history more I think I would have liked it even more. however being a Gundam based comic strip I think it would be pretty prejudical to expect that so no worries. Only thing I'd like to see is Liu Bei doing some real fighting and not just rely on the Dragon Emperor Sword.

Based on a review of colour and animation, story and all other anime binding elements I would give Sangokuden Brave Battle Warriors a 8/10.

Tamashi Nation Composite Ver Ka Gurren Lagann

It wasn't long when Tamashi Nation announced the Composite Version Ka Lancelot Albion. At the same time they also announced that Gurren Lagann was on the pipeline. Surprisingly the Gurren Lagann is scheduled for release in the following month. I got to say the figure is amazing and when Hajime Katoki gets involved with the sculpting its a winning formula! Man the glossy look and the amount of accesories it comes with is pretty cool especially the massive Giga Drill. Unfortunately I'm broke as so I will stick with my Tengenkandou version model kit.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Green Zone Review

Today I was lucky enough to go watch Green Zone and I have to say this is NOT a chick flick! again for those of you who don't mind spoilers keep reading. Now that's over with on with the story.
Green Zone is about a Chief Warrant Officer called Roy Miller who's job is to hunt WMD (Weapons of Mass destruction) using the intel he is given . The problem arises when 2 of the locations he goes to seem to be very different to what information he was given. At this time things don't add up so Miller decides to bring it up at a debriefing , where he is told to just do his job.
It is at the 3rd site where Miller and his team are approached by an Iraqi person called Freddy, who claims that there is a meeting near by of a few of Saddam Hussein's men. Miller immediately takes his men to investigate, and that is where he sees Al-Ravi. While Miller and his men storm into this house Al-Ravi narrowly escapes from Miller. But Miller and his men are able to capture one of Al-Ravi's henchmen.
From here it is one man's race to find out if the war in Iraq started as a result of incorrect intel? were there ever any WMD? and who is "Magellen" and can he reveal all?
I have always been one who loved a good action movie with twists and turns in it and I have to say this was a fantastic movie. Overall the movie was able to hold the viewers attention, and kept the viewer interested as well as on the edge of their seats at certain times.
Therefore I would recommend this to anyone who likes a bit of a conspiracy theory with a lot of action.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hiroki is back!

I had way too many things to do lately sorta neglected my blog but I'm back and ready to post lots and lots of things! First off Gundam Cafe is opening on the 24th of this month in Akihabara! This is a must go I say!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Ichiban Kuji Premium Code Geass Romantic Variation CM

Hehehe I cant have enough of this its so funny! I think you guys would remember the Romatic Variation Kallen and CC I posted a while back right? Well Bandai are making sure people knew about the lottery and did two skits as promo for the range. Quite humerous I have to add Chibi Lelouch FTW and CC and Kallen are both HAWT!!.... Though I'd choose Kallen over CC!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Sangokuden anime

I can't believe that this one skipped my radar. Another April release is on its way... Sangokuden! The Sangokuden SD kits are pretty cool and since I am a huge fan of dynasty warriors, gundam and ancient Chinese Three Kingdoms history this one is a must watch. Lets hope that I am not tempted to buy any of these kits! This anime is airing this Sunday!


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