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Sunday, October 31, 2010

RG Gundam progress- Armed and now has arms

Since Kenji got so pumped with his 1/144 00 Raiser I thought I should pull my finger out and get on with my RG. Since my last post I had completed one arm but wan't going to post an entry until the other was completed, and now here it is. Amuro now has arms on the Gundam to swing his beam sabers. The model is now close to 50% complete. As promised I said I will use a proper digital camera this time!

The arms were crazy fun to do to say the least. A misconception people will find with RGs is that they have preassembled frame pieces and are not very challenging. As a Gunpla builder who initially specialised with the MG scale this is a gross understatement because overall this RG kit ends up having more smaller pieces  to assemble. Each arm had 19 pieces to cut out, sand, prime, undercoat, paint and assemble.

Being a fan of the original 1:1 Gundam I really like the copper detailing in the arm joints. The copper decals that the kit came with were disappointing so I hand painted them on myself. One thing I regret about this kit though is putting decals on it instead of using these adhesive decals I should have waited on an official water transfer set or mix and matched with existing Gundam/EFSF decal packs.

In this time frame I happened to stuff up the left shoulders paint work. To correct this mistake I used methylated spirits to strip off all the paint and respray. Okies note to self dont use too much metho and pressure when I clean up blemishes!

The following schedule below is the order in which future posts will be delivered in regards to my RG kit.

- skirt armour
- legs
- weapons
- final touch up
- photoshoot

Alternatively you can follow my past updates here (from newest to oldest)

Gundam UC- Spectre of Laplace

The third episode of Unicorn has been confirmed, the release date will be on the 5/3/2011. Another agonising wait. To date I am still waiting for a version of episode two to watch and review.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

1/144 Gundam 00 Raiser

It has been a while since I last did my last gunpla, I thought it would be a good time to start again since I still have quite a few model kits to go through. And of course the thought that you can never have enough model kits has ran through my mind a few times.

This time I will be building 1/144 00 Raiser, a model that I bought from Osaka Gundam while in Japan a few years ago.

Considering that I'm still a bit fresh in the gunpla scene, this kit is a good start for those who are just starting out. It contains five runners and two PC joints - obviously one for the 0 Raiser.

After the success of my first custom painted Infinite Justice for Smash 2010, I wanted to improve my paint skills. So naturally I went about purchasing and planning the paints that I will use for this model. Of course Hiroki was really the one that got me more involved with gunpla, helped out with planning the color scheme for  this model.

This is entirely up to you, but I went about applying a layer of Gunship Grey to the colored parts, and a layer of silver leaf on the white parts. The results are in the two images below.

Painted the nozzle on the back gold

That is about all that I have done for now. The wind was picking up towards the afternoon, so applying the paint was rather difficult, but also you run the risk of having it blown onto the other parts too.

I'll add more pics of my progress by next week so stay tuned...time to go and have a lie down.
Damn paint fume high > <

Hot MG Sinanju!

I'm always on the prowl to find new blogs my latest find is, named My Life, Sabah and Gunpla. I particularly like the paint style of the models that this guy shows on his blog I'm still to go through the older pages but what I see I already like!

Emo black Sinanju!

New PG Strike Freedom scans!

Hot from Model Graphix magazine comes new scans of the Perfect Grade Strike Freedom (for once the wings aren't open if I had to post one more image of the wing mechanisms I think I would be screaming)! Granted the mould and the kit design is beautiful, but does it warrant the price tag of 26000 yen? To me I still think its light on features. The PG 00 Raiser still seems more bang for your buck but in fair honesty the Strike Freedom didn't need extra arnaments it was an one-stop pwning machine.I hope Bandai has more up their sleeves.....please?

By the way I have decided how my PG Strike Freedom will look like. It is going to be in the same colour scheme but in darker less richer colours (Rest assured the frame will still be bling bling). The image that I have in mind is that I want this model to look as realistic as possible and more like a machine that is about to go to war!

HG 1/144 Brave Commander Type a case of familiarisation and acceptance

This kit isn't exactly news any more I bet its been posted multiple times as well, however it took a while for me to register, Hey I like this kit! Like most things people tend to have bias for things they like. Back in the days when Gundam Seed Destiny ended I came across the teasers for the first season of 00. I was absolutely apalled at Exia's design. At that moment I thought they should have called the series Gundam Hunchback. As lineart came out I slowly opened it and thought it was cool by the start of the first season.

What Im trying to get to is people have attachments and over time they learn to accept the new (or old/different). I remember being a total Freedom nut I thought it was blasphemy to have a replacement for it, Strike Freedom became my favourite Gundam of all time (You can tell from this blog I know my Gundams from UC through to 00 heck I even spell Gundam and their respective names in capitals).

I have to admit Graham had some pretty awesome machines over the years multiple Flags, a custom Ahead and Masaruo/Susanowoo (which I believe to be his best unit) and finally the Commander Brave. At first my impression about the Commander Brave was whats new? Its just a Twin Drive Flag? The colours came out and I was like OMG.... the colour is hot, I was still thinking that design can be improved a bit thought.

The next phase came along and they were announcing Gunpla releases the normal moulds still hadnt captivated me, then the prototype came out I was like ooh its looking better again! After multiple times I saw the machine in the blogs that I religiously research to keep ODU up to date I started thinking to myself it looks nicer than I thought. So now for the first time in months a 00 related post that isnt about the 00 Qan[T]! Presenting Graham Aker's own Commander Test Type Brave in HG 1/144 scale! It's going to be released in November, like nearly every other Gunpla kit that I've posted recently except the PG Strike Freedom. The retail price is set at 1680 yen!

Box Art

Have you guys notice that Graham is a left handed?
(Apart from the feet I like the rest of the Brave's design)

Gunpla marketing 101: Action pose is critical to attract customers!

Are we going to see the return of the Graham Special? The glorious art of transforming in mid flight.

Having said that Graham's machine is a Commander Type but of course their is a "grunt type" as well. Both Commander and Standard will be released at the same time.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

MG Figurise Monkey D Luffy

My girlfriend and alot of her friends love One Piece this one is for her! Although I havent got into One Piece myself Im sure she will and many of our readers will appreciate this post! To be released along with other goodies in November like the MG 00 Qan[T] this is I believe the fourth in the Figurise series, Monkey D Luffy and his elastic arms are to be delivered the Master Grade treatment soon! Personally I have wanted to get into One Piece but I started way too late playing catch up for all the episodes might take ages too! I'll resort to watching random episodes with Catcat.

Images thanks to Gunjap

Good Smile Company Cafe

Im REALLY REALLY surprised this skipped my radar for an entire month! There is a Good Smile Company Cafe!! It's going to be quite a task to get Kenji settled when he finds out about this awesome tad bit of information. Situated in Matsudo, Chiba. The cafe is taking a chunk of the "anime themed restaurant" business which was a trend started by the Gundam Cafe earlier this year.

So what is there to offer? Figures, figures and lots of figures, well not hard after all Good Smile specialises in figures!

The treasure map.....

The shop front

The decor is really race inspired promoting its racing range, However being GS they will never fall short of figures to display

Images thanks to Akiba Hobby and Danny Choo

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Banpresto Ichiban Kuji Code Geass R2 Romantic Variation Kallen Wedding Dress review

Banpresto Ichiban Kuji Code Geass R2 Romantic Variation Kallen Wedding Dress

It has been a long time since I graduated from uni and also a long time since I have posted a figure review. Okay first things first Kenji is a much better photographer so next time I'll learn some tips off him hahha I so want an SLR Camera! Okay lets get onto the review!

The figure was given to me by my really good mate Kenny as a graduation gift. Thanks mate! Knowing that Kouzuki Kallen from Code Geass is my favourite anime girl it is literally the best present to give to an otaku like myself. The Ichiban Kuji Romantic Variation is a lottery item with a limited circulation luckily a few made their way onto Ebay!

Front view

The wedding dress is a beautiful and multilayered and has a substantial amount of weight. Actually because the bottom half was too heavy I had to superglue it in place... hence no panties shots for the hentais out there!

Side view

view from behind

The details dont end at the dress the accesories are just stunning!




Overall the figure has some amazing details but I guess due to the "low price" that lottery winners had to pay (100 yen) many moulding hair lines show up throughtout the figure not to mention the thick paint on some parts. However these hairlines and paint blotches are minimal and only visible on close inspection. Overall I absolutely love this figure its awesome and goes really well with the Lelouch I got from Smash last year (I was an idiot and forgot to take a pic of them together :P) Overall Ill give this figure a 7/10

ODU's biggest upgrade to date!

As we are nearing our 2000th post, Kenji and I thought it was time to further enhance on the accesability of our blog content. ODU is now equipped with Linkwithin and internal blog search powered by Google. This way readers who came in from links can see newer content for items of their interest! This is ODU's commitment to our readers as a source from fans to fans! Enjoy!

PG Strike Freedom PV

Man I love Youtube! After posting the videos regard to the PG Strike Freedom I got suggested this awesome PV! The CG works are so cool... hehehe SO cant wait to get it its going to be epically awesome. If theis video is true to the source I would be absolutely pleased if all of Freedom's beams and cannons had coloured LEDs to mimic the Full Burst Mode, *hint hint Bandai hehehehe Once again the PG Strike Freedom comes out in December and will retail roughly around 26000yen!

Source: Youtube

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

ODU's visitor count has reached 1979

W have reached 1979 visitors!!

1979 is a great year for us otakus! We saw the birth of Gundam and the beginning of a revolution which spawned into multiple series, timelines and Gunpla kits! This post is for Mobile Suit Gundam the original series that made my fascination for Gundam possible.

The classic opening screen!!

Amuro Ray the first Gundam pilot and arguably the most skilled pilot in the entire metaseries.

RX-78-2 Gundam the original Gundam
I hope theres more good Gundam series to come which I can watch when I have children!

New photos for Bandai's November/December Merchandise- PG Strike Freedom, RG Char Zaku, MG 00 Qan[T] and HGUC Gouf Custom

New photos have been released from BAKUC's Facebook page. As our readers know Kenji and I participated in Australia's BAKUC and have our pins to prove it hehe. Actually it was from my friend Phillip Au that I realised that BAKUC had a Facebook page and they have lots of awesome goodies to show! These pics were taken from a plamo convention in Hong Kong.

First cat off the rank is but of course the PG Strike Freedom!

More frame parts! ^_^

The Strike Freedom's trademark wings in all its beauty!
Lots of decals....

RG Char Zaku

I see an improvement in the colours

MG 00 Qan[T]

The articulartion is quite impressive because its obvious that this model's weight isnt balanced its left side would be very heavy compared to the right!
HGUC Gouf Custom
The model afterall is a 1/144 so it wont look that spectacular stock but give it a decent paintjob and it would look fantastic!

Edit 28/10/10- New MG 00 Qan[T] pics!

Box Art

Love this cover its awesome!

A pretty sick pose!



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