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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Supanova 2011 Saturday 19/6/11

I went to this year's Supanova which happened to be my first. Although its not an exclusively anime event it was easily the best convention I've been to in recent years. Firstly the foremost reason being scale it was held at The Dome in Olympic Park which meant that the event would be HUGE. In recent years anime conventions had been depressingly small I am still waiting for the day when they will be similar to scale to the ones in Japan and America... Supanova even!

With a crew of four we tackled the crowds to get into the door which took a good half an hour even with advanced tickets! The funny thing was being Agam's first convention he gave into some serious internal struggling wrapping up the day spending close to $200 in goods. The day for me was just being our teams photographer and liason with the cosplayers so that we can take their pictures without looking like creepy stalkers. I was largely impressed with the cosplay!

Amber from Suckerpunch

Red Ranger

Captain Jack Sparrow

Black Cat


OMG she killed Elmo!

I liked how this kids Iron Man cosplay made everyone look like they had huge heads this is not photoshopped


Its... Lady Gaga??!!!

Old school Optimus Prime

The girl was dressed as Saber but I loved her Yoda bag.

Poison Ivy


Emma Frost the White Queen


Baby Doll

King Kong

Thursday, June 9, 2011

What the F is Bandai thinking?!!! Gundam Age looks so FAIL!!!

OMG I cant believe that after my hiatus the first post that I put on the blog is a rant!!! So here we are waiting for a new Gundam series... teased by a very mean looking silhouette then they drop this bomb shell man what is Bandai thinking. The pilots look like they are twelve at the most!

Well at least I wont be investing in Gunpla for this series...more money in my pocket!


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