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Friday, June 22, 2012

Gundam Metal Arms Keychain Collection

I was looking through Cyber Gundam which was showcasing various new shiny toys within their post in regard to the August edition of Hobby Japan, Its surprising that just one tiny pic would catch my attention!

Oresenting the Metal Arms series coming in July! I quite like what they have on offer so far they have

1. The beam rifle and shield of the original Gundam
2. The beam magnum and shield of Unicorn Gundam
3. the shields used by the Zaku (normal and Char custom)

It'd be great if instead of two shields they had a heat hawk instead! I think I might get this set!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Supanova 2012

After the roaring success of last years Supanova I battled through the rain last weekend to attend this years event! I found that this year had less cosplayers however it was much sexier there were so many slave Leia's there! Counting on the top of my head at least nine! I can not believe my failure this  time I bought my camera but........... I left the battery at home fortunately there is still the camera on my phone!
This year also had more quality stores however being a seasoned anime goods buyer now I dont rush to buy each and everything I like any more but there were items that did catch my eye like the Sideshow Iron Man helmet set

The stands also involved some intense brick art!

And for the cosplay!

and the best for last!

Friday, June 8, 2012

What did they do to you Lelouch??!!!!

LOL whoever decided to dress Lelouch in a Willy Wonka style suit has got some serious issues, it looks kinda creepy :P Whatever they were smoking I want some.... The Kallen looks hot though.


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