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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Nendroid Avengers??!!

THIS IS OUR  300TH POST!!!!!!!

I found this on Cybergundam recently. Hot off the heels of the announcement of the Amazing Spiderman Nendroid figure it seems like Nendroid have signed up for the Avengers series as well. First off the bat for this series is Iron Man, however an exact delivery timeframe or prototype hasnt been delivered yet ooh exciting times ahead! I'm sure this set wont break my bank like the Hot Toys one!

3/8/12 Edit- The mould has been released and its due for a January 2013 release!


Goodies at work-Robot Damashii Banshee Destroy mode

So one will wonder how I can tolerate working in an office when I can post about shiny new toys that I either have or want. Well the answer is.... I got toys at work!

My work station complete with Kubrick Iron Man Mk 6, Bart Simpson, a Transformers calendar from the limited edition Blu Ray and the Robot Damashii Banshee

Okay this post is dedicated to the Banshee I love this figure its so detailed for a figure! The list of accesories, extra hands and weapons just goes on! I spent a week changing the parts during my lunch breaks and of course I have it documented in photos!

Armed Armour BS and VN

Beam Magnum and Shield

Twin Beam Tonfas

The only item left is the bazooka. The details are sharp and the mould of the figure is extremely accurate to the anime. The only two things that would have made it perfect would be hands with moveable digits and a nicer golden psychoframe. But thinking back the MG release's frame is nothing to write home about as well! So final verdict 8/10!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Fate Zero Saber

There's something about Saber's suit in Fate Zero. I think Saber sports it very well. Typically speaking a suit is generally cool and masculine but Saber, somehow makes it look so HOT! I know all may not agree on me on this one especially Kenji he is into the traditional blue dress. So dear readers hate or rate?

1/8 Max Factory release scheduled for December this year.

Good Smile Saber with Motorised Cuirassier (already released)

SH Figuarts Itasha Robo

I loved Akibaranger it was an impressive series and with all the pending releases from SH Figure Arts i.e. Akiba Red, Yellow and Blue, Moe Moe Z Kune etc this one easily takes the cake for the most anticipated release from the series. The awesomeness of Itasha Robo, the giant robot of the Unofficial Sentai.

For 35000 yen the price tag is a bit steep though... very delusional :P

and yes.... it transforms

Sunday, July 29, 2012

1/4 Hot Toys Dark Knight Rises Batman

The Dark Knight Rises was a fantastic film, I've seen it twice now. Christian Bale is the best Batman out there and possibly when they reboot the series down the track would still be the best. For this preordering the 1/4 Dark Knight Rises Batman is a must, I think my mate Anisul would also agree!

ODU is backing our local conventions!

As a part of our localised strategy we are now permenantly promoting Australian pop culture conventions. Although ODU isnt exactly the biggest blog out there its always good to give newcomers or fans that are unaware a chance to come and meet new people with similar interests and also most importantly ignite their passion! Who knows we might find the next world cosplay champion emerging from a fateful day they clicked the Animania button on this blog. Or perhaps the next Gundam Cup champion the possibilities are limitless and ODU is proud to be a part of these experiences!

ODU supports local trade!

Here at ODU we have a vested interest in supporting the local prosperity of Australian pop culture vendors. We are doing this for free! If you want us to provide links to your web pages please comment I will add them accordingly. First one i am adding for today is.......Hobby Dream!

Knowledge sharing

Although we are at the forefront of product information in the pop culture goods world we aren't exactly the most timely posters. Truth be told I check my sources three times a day. ODU is more of an appreciation blog we handpick what appeals to us and post on it. So in order to foster further knowledge sharing we are disclosing the sources where we get our information from! There's more to come.....

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Hot Toys Iron Man Mk7

In response to the post I made a few months ago. The Hot Toys Iron Man Mk7 is finally ready for preorder. Since Iron Man 3 is coming out next year, Im in a dilemna to get this one or wait for the final version of the Iron Man armour from the upcoming film. Why do decisions have to be so hard for a collector!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Bandai Premium SD HWS Nu Gundam

Welcome to the new layout of ODU. A fresh change which has been long overdue! Bandai for a long time knew that the Nu Gundam is a money printing device and this figure im sure will sell well! Im so getting this from Hobby Dream.

As of late Gundam figures have been really rubbing off on me I guess its because of the quality of the metal build series! Enjoy! Now please bring on the Sazabi! LOL man I am greedy.

Friday, July 20, 2012

PS Vita thoughts

My lovely wife decided to get me a PS Vita last week! After a week of play im very happy with it. the depth of colour and graphics make the original PSP really look like a grainy antique in comparison well done! My only peeve is that its got too many unneccesary apps like Maps etc. I dont like the menus touch screen bubble format its not as sleek as the original layouts adopted by the PSP and PS3.

This is essentially a personal preference some people might love it but to me it looks childish but its a gaming device I wont judge it on menus alone right! Now lets get to the games and media! Seems like Sony has learnt about the advantages of storage cards over mechanical UMD disks from the homebrewers! below is a conparison in size with other storage mediums from

Now onto my games!

Easily the funnest fighting (also violent) fighting game ever!

Batman in lego goodness Superman is the absolute bomb to use! Can't wait to finish this one and unlock more characters.

Being the Gundam fanboy you all know I am you'd probably expect me to rave about this one. The controls are just awful but fun nonetheless!

Of course being padantic about the conditions of my toys I have the Vita in a hard case and I have the screen protected. The hard case was a bargain from JB HiFi! This zip up case cost less than thirty dollars has snug cushioning, a belt clip, storage pockets and a neat flip wallet thingy which has enough slots to hold 16 games!

In conclusion to my post I sure hope that more good titles do come for this awesome piece of kit!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

SMASH 2012

Three years ago Kenji and I went to our first convention which accelerated the creation of this blog. Today we returned to this year's SMASH man I have to say it has grown exponentially in this time frame! It shows that the influence of anime is becoming more mainstream year after year. The same goes for this blog I still remember the days when we were struggling to get past 300 visitors now we are in the 26 thousands!

The lovely Hobbyco girls with their Gundam themed uniforms. There was a third but I didn't manage to get a photo. They were promoting the Gundam Builders Cup... makes me want to come out of building retirement!

a loli girl with the main character from the Lollipop Chainsaw game

And as if you can forget about the amazing artists in the crowds!

Stay tuned for Animania later this month this would cover all the conventions on the calendar this year which is a first for ODU!

Dark Knight Rises Aventador

The Gallerie Victoria is conducting a promotion at the moment in collaboration with Lamborghini and The Dark Knight Rises. Don't miss your chance to see an Aventador up close... or perhaps if you are lucky ride in it! This vehicle was driven on the movie set. As a part of a promotion for the movie Lamborghini are conducting a draw where the winner would be chauffered in the Aventador to the premiere of the Dark Knight Rises. As in Highlander there can only be one winner but feel free to oggle at the car's sleekness

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Is different exactly better?

On my never ending quest to be at the forefront of release news I got wind of various new movie merchandise figures. It seems like marketers are currently finding new ways to get fans to justify buying more hero merchandise. The easiest way to do this is of course... issuing a new suit! Well I guess its good in a way to repackage old franchises so that they can be enjoyed by a new generation however for older fans who are more inclined towards tradition its harder to accept as they grew up with older costumes and become attached to them! Okay so the debate is... Is different exactly better?

The new Kotobukiya release for the upcoming man of steel release... LOL what happened to the undies!

Nendroid Spiderman... Hmm this costume will always be a weird one to me it looks classic but isnt classic it just doesn't look right without the "belt" section!

So what do the readers think? Feel free to comment!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

RG Justice arrives this month!

Not long after the release of the RG Freedom, Justice was announced by now this isnt news. ODU is after all not a product release blog its a blog expressing our interest in products that are coming soon with our own opinions and thoughts.

I've always liked the concept of Freedom and Justice complementing each other Athrun and Kira make good partners on par with Lelouch and Suzaku from Code Geass. Anyhow back on topic the product is about to roll out!!

From the first RG release I loved how the box art present a close up of the head, its pretty neat I hope that they continue releasing RG box art like this! and for the product its got my Facebook style like too! I'm sure Kenji would buy this one!


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