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Friday, August 31, 2012

Star Wars Kubricks

I always talk about getting stuff but I hardly seem to post the stuff back up so here you go my Star Wars Kubricks with a bit of tongue in cheek...

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Honey I shrank the....Gundam!

This is just amazing whoever put this you have won my respect! By now the viewer has probably thought that I lost my marbles this kit is no ordinary kit it's possibly the smallest Gundam scratch build ever at an impressive 1/550 scale! Talk about SKILLS!

 As you can see the model is no larger than a match stick (less than 4cm).

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Char Custom Toyota Auris


Very fitting that after I posted something Amuro related I followed with a "Char Cutsom". Toyota have teamed up with Bandai to make a Char themed Auris all up the decal set and colours look nice with the Zeon badging but I think it would be much nicer to pull this off with the new 86. An Auris doesn't really give me the three times faster vibe!

My choice of vehicle if I was in charge of this project the new 86!


Friday, August 24, 2012

Hmm MG Nu Gundam Version Ka?!

Love the picture of the Nu with the Sazabi's psycho frame capsule, looks like Gundam Basketball.

This was an interesting find yesterday. Katoki San is spinning his magic with a MG Nu Gundam release. It is still uncertain if it is a rerelease with fancy decals and accesories or a ground up redesign.

The MG release already on the market has a very strong frame incorporating die cast metal pieces but the model is not posable at all (It is very good at standing up right though). Lets see what they can do with today's frame technology! We can only dream but realistically I'm not parting with my cash until it is certain that some R and D went into this product. The Nu Gundam is quite a significant kit to me as its the first which I fully painted, If its not newly developed still good I'll wait for the RG release due some time in the distant future.

My MG Nu Gundam from 2007.

Edit 26/8/12: Hmm the pieces look much more detailed lets hope the frame has also been updated...

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Workplace recognition

If only I was recognised for what I do at work like this...

One of the guru's Zaku Matsu San who had input in the design of the original gunpla models of the 80s till now has resigned with a heroes departure. This facility looks so awesome if only I worked there too. We can only dream............

PS: On a side note which is Gunpla related Kenji has decided to shout me the RG Zeta when it comes out a big thanks mate!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

SD Lost Heroes- Hiroki's sob story!

Why isn't this game going to be released on the Vita!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello Kitty stamps

Australia post recently stocked a Hello Kitty stamp collection. My darling wife then concocted an evil plan so that I can get them for her.....

Needless to say Hello Kitty is a phenomenon which guys like me wont understand. It makes me wonder how/why many girls go gaga whenever they see Hello Kitty merchandise. I guess the same logic goes to why the fairer sex don't understand how Gundams can be deemed to be sexy! Well the wife is happy thats what counts!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Happy Birthday Doraemon!

Well a bit early.... still got one hundred years to go!

Harbour City is one of my usual shopping dens when I am in Hong Kong trust them to do something as awesome as this!

Doraemon is one of the animes that I grew up with hopefully he would still be around 100 years later!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Model Comprehend SD Hi-Nu Gundam

Model Comprehend seems to be offering quite an impressive range as of late! The newest in their stables is the Hi-NU SD this of course is a follow up from the Nightingale which they released earlier, which we also covered at the time.

Of course news is not complete without pics

One area where Model Comprehend are strong at are their awesome box art imagery! Generally they look better in the flesh because they regularly use holographic foil.... but seriously Gundoom??!!!

I love how the Fin Funnels fold up like official 1/144 and MG Bandai models (not available on the SD Nu Gundam... there isn't even a Ban Dai released SD Hi-Nu).

Thanks Model Comprehend for releasing these two heavy weights before Bandai got around to it!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Happy snaps!

I should make this an ongoing panel where I snap pop culture related images straight off the streets of Sydney! I got two to share today!

A Nintendo console controller bag. Brings back some awesome memories!

 Lego Avengers display

Thursday, August 9, 2012

RG Zeta Gundam confirmed.........

RG is becoming very popular its among my favourites since I built the first release.

My RG Gundam sitting under my PG Strike Freedom

Anyway this post however is a follow up from a guess I made when I bought the latest version of Hobby Japan among the pages of goodness (Ironically I bought the magazine for the coverage on the RG Strike, Freedom and Justice) they also provided a teaser of the 10th RG kit.

My trained eye told me it would be.........

Zeta Gundam!

I was right! Pics have not been released as of yet but the news has been confirmed by Gundam Guy (a direct link to Gundam Guy has been provided to the right under the title Our Sources). The kit can be transformed into Wave Rider form but whether it is a seamless transformation or one achieved through parts swapping is still unknown. It is believed that the kit would be ready for sale by November.... hahaha a very timely birthday present for me!

Edit 11/8/12- Seems like someone disregarded the no photography rule imposed at the Gundam Front

Kubrick Mania!

Not long after I posted the Darth Vader/Clone Trooper pack I started to get into Kubricks a bit more. I found out that the Vader was a reissue so I have bought it from Ebay!

I am also thinking of getting two Storm Troopers to flank the Dark Lord of the Sith

After a thorough browse at the Medicom site and Ebay theres SO many i want to buy! Including R2D2, C3PO, Superman, Batman........ Oh I also got the War Machine Kubrick so my Iron Man MK6 wont be lonely.

This seems like the beginning of a collection, oh dear! I shall finish off with a picture comic I put on Facebook a while ago as a bit of tongue in cheek... presenting Iron Man vs The Mandarin!

Final Round FIGHT!!!!

Iron Man wins....... FATALITY

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Initial D Fifth Stage confirmed!

Initial D is one of my favourite anime series, this announcement has been a VERY VERY long six years in waiting (although I have kept up by buying the manga). Coming straight from the most trusted source on the internet regarding Initial D, (I'm a member) was an email with the following contents...

The news is absolutely legit with its own website for public viewing stay tuned for November for more awesome car racing action and sick Eurobeat tunes!

Monday, August 6, 2012

To the Bat Cave for a movie and popcorn!

Damn! I want a Batcave! Not satisfied to be merely watching his movies on an "ordinary" Samsung LED panel a very wealthy person has brought vision and passion to the next level by investing almost 2 million pounds on a not so ordinary home cinema....

Stylised metal doors with bat logo for the screen

Modern leather chairs with  a fireplace, gargoyle and caved textured ceilings and walls

Batman themed accesories including the Tumbler and an arsenal of Bat goodies.

And yes it is opened by a secret book case with a tunnel.....

 I can imagine the owner having a butler!

"Alfred please get me a caramelised pop corn and a frozen coke!"

Sunday, August 5, 2012

C3P0 and Iron Man's love child

In what seems to be a seemingly legit Iron Man 3 display.... the new Iron Man suit (if its official) is just a bit too bling for me to take.

Well at least this one wont have the pink panties issue of the previous Hot Toys releases.

Medicom RAH Eva 01

Evangelion was an anime responsible for converting a generation over to the lure of anime (including myself) shows my age.... With all the anticipation building up over the third theartrical release Q this one stands out as a rare gem for the taking! EVA01 in the largest scale ever presented! After being disappointed with the original PG release this is a worthy contender for my money... if this madness goes on I'll be broke haha. I don't need to say anmore just take my money!You will be crazy to pass this one off if you are an Evangelion fan!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

When east meets west!

As a model builder I really applaud people who have the skills to kitbash and exercise their creativity. These two models are the absolute bomb merging comic book characters with an anime classic... mobile suits!

Captain America Bear Guy. This is a funny one because I was at the Teddy Bear Factory with my wife this afternoon they had Avengers costumes and one happened to be Captain America.

Optimus Prime Astray


Recently I have seen people cosplaying as Celty Sturluson from Dorarara (thats a lot of ras)! So I'd thought I'd see what it was all about... waiting to start the first episode soon in the mean time please enjoy pics of the 1/8 Alter figure that was released earlier this year!!

Kubrick Darth Vader

I admit I am a Star Wars fanboy always had been! One of these days I think I should post a pic of my lightsaber collection. I was reading through the latest version of Hobby Japan to stumble across release information on another Kubrick product! For sometime I have had the Iron Man 2 Iron Man Mk6 I am more than happy to add one more to my collection and (Imperial march music) it is Darth Vader...the helmet can be taken off and its got a lightsaber!

This is a twin set which comes with a 501st Legion Clone Trooper!


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