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Monday, June 24, 2013

Pop Cultcha!


As I said I was impressed by Pop Cultcha and their extensive range. Without further delay they have been inducted in our Australian Vendor Hall of Fame! Go and inspect the goodies via our link today!

Funko POP! Ninja Turtles collection

I was talking with Sal earlier on about Funko POP! but didn't realise that a collection from this widely popular range will attract my attention.

May the search begin!!!!

Sydney Supanova 2013

Yesterday wrapped up the festivities of Sydney's Supanova. Not a bad way to use our 400th post! For me this time was my best one! By now my readers are thinking...doesn't he say that every year? What made this year extra special for me was that I got to finally see one of my life long idols in person Carrie Fisher! Ohhh the queues to get autographs. You sure do meet some friendly and like minded people.

I would had like to keep in contact with some of the people that I talked to on the day but I guess once they get the autograph they disappear! The most interesting convo I had was with two guys in the Carrie Fisher queue. We were hard core collectors sharing the same pains and joys the best I heard for the day was

"The two evils for a collector are dust and space!"

Amen to that no one wants dust on their trophies and having space means more money will be spent on goodies and no space means no room for goodies! I ended up getting Bradley James autograph for Miku and being a Dredd fan I also got Karl Urban's "scribble" to add to my collection.

Talking about stands the best store in my opinion was Pop Cultcha!


 Well queues, stores and autographs aside the cosplay was plentiful this year but I was expecting more slave Leia cosplayers to turn up this year since the original was there herself but oh well can't complain with quality like this!

Staples of the Supanova scene!
The first Yoko I've seen in my convention years!
Maybe the best father son duo I've seen!
I think she was the only slave Leia of the convention
Power Rangers HAAIYAAA!!!!
Terrace and Phillip
Transformers- Robots in disguise!!! Bumblebee was a chick!
Hello Mr J!!!!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Kyoryu....Uhhh Multi Colour?

Tying with the main TV series there has always been a theatrical release as well. Interesting enough this special ranger showed up in the teaser with these rather lovely looking ladies!

And also the debut of a new ranger! Kyoryu Gray in the regular series!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Kids Logic Optimus Prime Concept

I first came across Kid's Logic when they were doing the Egg Attack Iron Man series. The next masterpiece on their pipeline seems to be none other than the legendary Optimus Prime can't wait for further announcement on this one! If they can have parts swapping to make it transformable as well.... I'm sold!

Griffon Senran Kagura Ikagura Figure

After quite a dry spell for releases this month something nice has hit our radar! Senran Kagura may be over for the time being but the legion of PVC figures keep on coming! Presenting a battled damaged Ikagura!

The battle damaged has been portrayed quite well I also like the detailing on her legendary blade Hien

of course the selling point for the hentai population! The cast off feature!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Lego Ultimate Collector's Series X-Wing

I thoroughly enjoyed building the collector's R2D2. I was searching Ebay out of curiosity on the bus yesterday and came across this new kit that had only been released late last month! As a kid the X-Wing was the coolest thing ever so you are sure that this has caught the attention of the ODU radar!

The details look crazy, LEGO has sure attracted quite a cult following with adults in recent years!
The dial at the back serves as a mechanism to open up the X-Wing's attack formation!
All up the model spans 52cm (L) x 46cm (W) x 26cm (H)


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