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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Gundam Aquariums!

My friend Pauline recently decided to get pet fish being a collector herself she came up with something extremely awesome...If only they were aquatic mobile suits!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

He Only Wanted One Thing...

I was at a Japanese BBQ restaurant in North Sydney tonight called Nishiki. The food was absolutely amazing I would highly recommend our readers to try their succulent variety. Okay apart from the culinary delights, when I was waiting for our table I saw a very catchy Hokkaido beer poster featuring Godzilla. He only wanted one thing...Must have had been damn good beer! I didn't try one myself this time but definitely next time if I have the chance I won't pass off on the opportunity!

Megazord Pwnage!

Last weeks Kyouruger episode was quite awesome... Or should I say overkill hahaha three Megazords for one weak monster. :P Got to love the over the top action typical of Japanese shows!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Transforming Unicorn Bust!

This is just amazing! A self transforming Unicorn Gundam bust display. Whoever the genius is who created it... I want to shake your hand.

Monday, August 12, 2013

The Kentrospiker Reminds Me Of Something!

I was watching last week's Kyoruger episode and came across this weird resemblance.... The Kentrospiker strangely reminds me of the Gatchaspartan!

Figuarts Zero Super Saiyan Trunks

Dragonball has sure captured the imagination of many... me included. The Super Saiyan has always been contagious, the spiked, wild, golden hair, the blue eyes and the bwit bwit bwit aura all add to the appeal. And all these features have been captured amazingly well in this upcoming Trunks figure! I especially like the aura parts! If  it was a Super Saiyan Three Goku or Super Saiyan Two Gohan I think I would ignore my collection rules!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Grand Discovery, Gundam Mk3!

I have been into Gundams for many years but to come across a Gundam that I never seen or ever heard of that has come as a shock and also a pleasant surprise! May I introduce you to my new friend Gundam Mk3 (This is a GFF product)!

It also has a full armour variant
The colour scheme of the full armour sort of reminds me of Tekkaman Blade. As to how this Gundam escaped my radar for so long it will remain a mystery to me now lets go visit Wiki Sensei to learn about it's origin! 


Wednesday, August 7, 2013


In an effort to rebuild my Gundam empire I have been scouting everywhere for figures that will be worthy to grace my cabinets substituting airbrushed gunpla models. I have finally found a worthy range! The Gundam Fix Figuration (GFF) series. My cabinet will be graced with excess Gundam goodness once again (alot of my gunplas broke due to bad packing when my dad was putting them into storage, lesson learnt never trust your parents with your precious toys!). Back to the GFF series, WOW!!! 1/144 size, decals and the details certainly do not lose to gunpla! Some of my favourites so far...
Gouf Custom

X Gundam

Gundam Exia
HWS Nu Gundam
I will be in Hong Kong at the end of the month.... maybe I will grab one when I am there stay tuned for a GFF review soon!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Kotobukiya ArtFX Slave Leia Review!

There have been many slave Leia figures released over the years. Among the best are the 1/4 Sideshow, 1/6 Gentle Giant and the Kotobukiya ArtFX. I was originally going for the Gentle Giant but was outbid by three dollars I ended up with this one and man am I delighted to own this. The official press photos were good but the actual product is even nicer to look at!

The intricate details are quite nice but overall I find the face sculpt to be a bit off, the sculpting on the Gentle Giant looked much older the best would have to been the Sideshow figure. Overall the hair ornaments, bracelets and arm bands were reproduced quite well. However I think the kit I got may have been displayed previously, some areas in the paintwork seemed a bit faded, hopefully this isn't the case for the entire batch. The right arm is a separate piece which attaches onto the body, The connection isn't 100% flush but looks perfect from the back.

The soft plastic which make up the sash of the bottom half of the metal bikini are flexible plastics that appear a bit fragile in my opinion. The rear sash has groovings to hook up to the base to give that elegant folded appearance.
My favourite part of this figure apart from Leia herself is the metal chain. It has these copper braidings in the chain itself and looks amazing!
What makes this figure even more worthwhile to add to the collection is that Kotobukiya have an extensive 1/7 range of Star Wars ArtFX figures for the scale pedantic collector. Although my figure appeared to be a bit faded it is still a stunning piece to add to a Star Wars collection. It just integrates in perfectly. Stay tuned! I have more Star Wars pieces coming in (Sideshow Yoda Jedi Master) or on the wish list (Kotobukiya General Grievous)!
The Good

- 1/7 scale. This figure is a part of a larger collection of the same scale and allows for multiple product integration possibilities.
- Fine attention to detail, the best accessory in my opinion is the metal chain.
-  Great pose and sculpt

The Bad

- The bikini bottoms are made of flexible plastic and feel cheap.
- May be this specific model but the paintwork seems a little faded
- Right arm connection isn't a perfect fit and leaves a noticeable gap on fine inspection
Final Verdict- 7 Otakun Helmets

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Kids Logic Iron Man 3 Plugy Set Review

So here we go I received the Iron Man 3 Plugy set last week and now it is ready for the collection to grace the ODU archives! Without further delay lets start this review. I wasn't originally thinking of buying this set until I saw the coloured image scans. What held me back was that the collection was not complete with Mk1 and Mk7. However as soon as I saw the product I held onto the "hope" that they will come along. This kit was pretty hard to come buy at a reasonable price due to the global demand for Iron Man goods the price was being inflated significantly!


The figures arrive in a SRP (shelf ready packaging) carton for vendors to put on their shelves, its rather commercial. Once the SRP is opened the individual figures are placed exactly in rows of three and are in full colour. Surprisingly this set was not a lucky dip random format the individual box art corresponded with the Iron Man suit.
Each suit had a clear tab at the top of the head which you pull out to separate the batteries. You may notice the small button on the back of the helmets, that is the light switch.

 This set was very well sculpted I like the rivet details on the MK2, the intricate connections of the suitcase suit Mk4 all were made without any details spared. Sculpt aside though, overall the product looks great but on closer inspection you see paint bleeds and the plastic feels cheap. Definitely not the quality for a product with a retail price which is close to 100HKD each.

These figures were meant to be  dangling ornaments for your phone that connect from the earphone jack and came with strings to attach the male audio piece. At 9cm tall I don't think they will fit well in your pocket. Although this set does have its shortfalls its still worthy to keep in your cabinet

The Good

- Alternative to Hot Toys' Cosbaby line. In my opinion this set looks nicer
- Chibi proportioned with light up arc reactors and eyes.
- Great sculpt and colour separation despite cases of paint bleed.

The Bad

- Quality can be better for the price tag
- No articulation
- Incomplete set does not include Mk1 and Mk7
- Too large to be real cell phone decorations

Final Verdict- 6 Otakun Helmets

Hatsune Miku Type 2020

I always had a soft spot for Hatsune Miku! It always excites me to see new products. The following is from a Sega RPG game called 7th Dragon at close to 12000 yen it is on the more expensive side of things for a 1/7 figure but being a Max Factory product the quality definitely will be there!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Gundam Teasers

It is that time of the year again when teasers come out enticing buyers to depart with their hard earned cash in the summer. There had been rumour mill talks about a RG Strike Freedom and its finely here, solid evidence! Another kit that will sell like hot cakes but now I think Bandai are close to exhausting all their options for the Strike Freedom. They have already released SD, 1/144, 1/100, MG, 1/60 Lightning Edition, PG and now the RG. I think the next thing up for my favourite Gundam will be a MG 2.0 or a Katoki interpretation or maybe a Mega Grade!
And of course a model which would ensure that the Strike Freedom doesn't get all the lime light....Sazabi Ver Ka!This is quite an impressive line up can't wait to check out the box art and features of both kits!

Gundam Unicorn Unit Three Phoenix

So introduced at the Gundam Front is this 1/144 unit which I still don't know how it associates with the main Unicorn series... Its so bling! Gotta love the blue psychoframe too!

Zaku Shoulder Bag

Seems like someone took the term shoulder bag and made something otaku worthy... a shoulder bag that looks like a Zaku's spiked shoulder armour plating... Genius!


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