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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Age of Extinction Tourbillon Watches

I admit I am a watch junkie! I own two Tags and a Tissot and my collection continues to expand! :D To date movie release special editions aren't new but these two from Tourbillon are awesome! The collection even has a Bumblebee and Optimus version! I'm very curious on pricing as I'm pretty sure they wont be cheap.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Toy Archives May 2014- Hiroki the Toy Hoarder!

Ok I have not been on recently but my otakuness (if that is a word?) has reach new heights... Is that even possible? This last month I got introduced to Jordan Hembrough's hit show Toy Hunter. I have been a toy fan for a long time now but never imagined the investment worthiness of the collectible market. So I have so to speak become a bit of a toy hoarder :P and man if I was to document all the purchases I made in a regular Toy Archives post I think it would explode! These include

- Movie Masterpiece Starscream
- Gen 1 Optimus Prime (Loose)
- Mego Superman (1974 Vintage)
- Power Rangers Movie Metallic Edition White Ranger (1995 Vintage)
- A set of four of the Classic Collection Ninja Turtles (I am stalking an original Leonardo as we speak)
- A limited edition Leonardo called Night Shadow Leonardo
- A San Diego Comicon exclusive Mighty Muggs Iron Man Mk6 with flipping visor.

I searched far and wide to find stuff from my childhood and beyond. Although some by now have become almost inaccessible like boxed unopened G1 transformers.... although I have picked up a loose G1 Optimus in immaculate condition (will have that on here later)! Man I am now accustomed to acronyms like loose, carded, unpunched, MOC etc. My investment strategy so far is to aim for originals boxed or loose of 80-90s era toys and target modern Comic Con exclusive items, generally items which do not see a regular production release are in strictly limited numbers.

Some may not know but I am a systems analyst by trade. I specialise in data principles, processes and improvement. So of course a collection of this scale will need to be documented... so here is my logic. :P

A principle for all data retention is to have a primary key to uniquely identify a record. Everything I own now has been documented. Let me run you through the system

There are four elements to my naming which I named as handles the first is a three digit assignment indicating the franchise in which the product belongs ie. STW is Star Wars. Then you have the secondary handle which denotes if it is a loose, display or boxed item. Followed by the third element which denotes what type of collectible it is. The final aspect is the next numerical number. So to sum this all up an item assigned with the number STWDF01 stands for Star Wars Display Figure Number 1.

If this keeps up I will probably need to rent storage space soon!


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