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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Hot Toys and their evil accesories

Too many items on the wish list not enough time (or money) to buy. After their aggressive expansion last year Hot Toys have recently added more options to accesorise their figures. look at the top right image.. a cage is on its way! This one gives me the inpulse to buy the 1/6 Batman and display the figure in the cage as an empty suit!

In other new I have also decided to get this... Hot Toys Iron Man Hall of Armour Display

1/43 Good Smile Racing BMW Z4

Being a fan of Hatsune Miku and also a collector of 1/43 scale model cars this one has got my attention for a while unfortunately...why so expensive!

This one goes for a mean of $150 on Ebay well past the standard for mass produced 1/43 brands like IXO, Minichamps etc... To buy or not to buy!

SD Sazabi

This isn't news any more but it still gets me excited regardless! Serious? SD Sazabi is on the way its been a pretty slow start to the release calendar but hey after an epic year like last year I guess they deserved a break. On other Char related news, Toyota have decided to put the Char custom Auris into production!


Akibaranger Season 2!

This isn't a delusion they will be back....

Thursday, January 10, 2013

2013 Summer Collection!

Happy belated new year. I was away in China and Hong Kong for the last two weeks. After that scorcher of a day two days ago it served as a timely convenience to show off the otaku fashion items I got when I was overseas.

H&M Angry Birds

H&M Mario 1Up Mushroom
Dark Knight Rises Tshirt from Herocross

Stay Real Darth Vader Shirt
Stay Real Evangelion
Dark Knight Rises red metallic dot bat logo tshirt from the DC Super Heroes store



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