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Sunday, April 10, 2011

WIP 1/144 HGUC Gouf Custom with battle damage

I ran out of Rubber Black which is a key colour for the PG Strike Freedom's undercoat so using the paints I have on inventory I started a side project.  This is the first time I dealt with battle damage or defacing in general The process of scarring the model is actual quite fun!

Last year for BAKUC I experimented with the concept of adding a silver underlay to the model which ended up being used by Kenji and Sok for BAKUC. The silver underlay would be used as a metallic layer for express battle damage. However as they were under time constraints the model wasn't scarred as planned. I have adopted the method now for a model of my own, The HGUC Gouf Custom! I wasn't planning to do battle damage at first until I saw the box art... however I went overboard with my one LOL!

I started to appreciate the concept of pre assembling certain parts recently I found that I could really save on paint from doin this. Okay the below shots highlight the silver underlay afterwards the colour gets sprayed on. so each piece gets three coats a grey undecoat, a silver underlay and a colour layer.

To get this damage get a sander and sand lightly for scratches that reveal silver lashings for gouge and burn marks scratch deper and colour in the central area with a black gundam marker and rub in the ink. Updates for this project will be presented parallel to the Strike Freedom.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

RG Gundam photoshoot

I was a bit bored today since Cat is away in the Gold Coast so I decided to get some photography done! The subject was my latest achievement the RG Gundam. I love this kit its amazingly detailed and small. I'm beginning to build more HG and RG 1/144 series. So far I have the folllowing 1/144 kits left to build after the PG Strike Freedom
1. RG Char Zaku            
 2. HGUC Gouf Custom
I also have the HGUC Unicorn in mind.

If any of our readers have a particular model they want to see in particular from the list then feel free to comment your preference. Okay onto the photoshoot. The weather today was slightly overcast but the light was still good these shots were shot at ISO400 4F3.5

Japan Foundation- Kingdom of Characters

A free exhibition will be on in Sydney at the Chifley Plaza from the 6th April to the 25th May. Aptly named the Kingdom of Characters it entails the Japanese characters that became global phenomenons since the 1950s. Tell your friends about it because I really believe it would be quite a fantastic exhibition.

Im surprised DragonBall isn't in these pictures but I'm pretty sure that it would be there. Perhaps I might go twice once after I get my DSLR (Canon EOS 600D) and twice to listen to Dr Craig Norris' lecture on the 24th May.

Dr Craig Norris

Craig Norris is a lecturer in the Journalism, Media and Communications program at the University of Tasmania. He graduated with a PhD from the University of Western Sydney in 2004, and studied at Tokyo University from 1999-2001 on a Monbusho research scholarship. His doctoral thesis examined the spread of Japanese manga and anime through Western fandom. His current research interests are in transmedia content and fan cultures. He has published in the area of global media and the dissemination of Japanese popular-culture goods.

Cult Media Pilgramages to Japan's Kingdom of Characters.

Japanese cities crave the attention that comes from being home to a popular culture icon like Godzilla, Ultraman, Astro Boy or Hello Kitty. Western fan pilgrimages to Japanese locations associated with these cult media texts have been variously construed as fads or underground activities. More recently there has been a trend to consider cult media tourism as increasingly incorporated into commercial and state tourism branding and promotion strategies. This talk outlines how fans and industry ‘play’ with Japanese popular culture to experiment with various surroundings and location and will discuss examples such as fans travelling to locations made famous through live-action shows such as Godzilla or Ultraman, video-games like Yakuza, and manga and anime like Lucky Star.

Resources were derived from Japan Foundation, Sydney


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