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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Gundam Builders HG 1/144 Exia Dark Matter

This month saw the announcement of quite a few nice kits! Here is yet another, I did not really like the concept of Gundam Builders so at the time I gave it a miss. After quite a few releases there has not been any I was interested in until now. :D The Exia Dark Matter. The extra backpack and the magenta colour scheme is terrific, very well done!

2014 Razr Naga Expert

As mentioned previously I started to play WoW late last year. This is a post that I was meant to post at lvl 86 but somehow didn't post and got saved as a draft.. I have finally reached level 90! Of course with the help of this little beast, the Razr Naga Expert. I decided to buy this since I s still had a voucher left from my birthday last year. So I scored this beast for $20! Loving the convenience of having buttons literally at my fingertips!

Neo Zeong!

The sheer size of Neo Zeong, Full Frontal's additional armour for the Sinanju is CRAZY!!!

SD Sized- Even the diminutive SD scale is 19cm tall! (I actually may get this one!)


1/144 Sized- This thing is a behemoth! Bandai claim it to be the largest Gunpla kit to date. The kit stands at 89cm tall!


Sunday, March 9, 2014

Arkham Knight Trailer

I would have seen this like 50 million times now but man this is fantastic! Evil next gen consoles... Which one should I buy PS4 or Xbox One?


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