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Sunday, February 28, 2010

00 Movie Trailer

Today is all about Gundam!

This video makes me reconsider my earlier thoughts about the designs of the 00 movie mechas especially Gundam Zabanya it looks kinda cool how its letting off so much artillery in one attack.

The machine im looking out for is Grahams twin drive Flag look alike. The blue looks hot! Man its a long wait till September... Sunrise stop teasing us!!!! At least we still get to watch Unicorn in the mean time.

On other anime related news Im closely following the following anime series!

Seikon No Qwaser

Omamori Himari

Gundam Unicorn


Im also considering picking up Excel Saga and Gantz

Unicorn Thoughts

I finally got a chance to download the most recent  Mobile Suit Gundam UC Saga Unicorn episode. I gotta say wow its amazing. Its got everything that we remember that was good about UC in todays animation technology. UC is the first Gundam calendar the pioneer and heralds the most iconic designs in the metaseries including the original Gundam, Zeta Gundam, Nu Gundam etc.

I was looking forward to this episode Day of the Unicorn since the initial announcements were made. Man it did not disappoint at all! The colour palette selected was beautiful and the designs were tue to the novel series!

First of the two main mobile suits in order of appearance!

 Kshatriya- 24 Funnels quite amazing I have to say love the green colour scheme and the pilot Marida Cruz being female and kicking butt is a refreshing and well received concept in my opinion.

Unicorn- Unicorn's design really rubs off on you the more you look at it the sleeker it becomes

Okay mecha aside we got the characters now

Banagher Links- Unicorn's pilot, he's whiney but tolerable not as emo as the current lot of main angry/bitter pilots that have taken up the lead role in Gundam series as of late.

Audrey Burne- The main female character shes regarded as a princess by Marida Cruz (Neo Zeon perhaps?).

Marida Cruz- She is Audrey's bodyguard protector of sorts and is a figurehead in the resistance. Pilot of the Kshatriya she takes up most the mobile suit action in this episode.

All up I would give this installment, Day of the Unicorn an 8/10 at times the story dragged a bit also they should have got Banagher into the Unicorn earlier and gave the machine more screen time. But its typical of Sunrise productions to spend one whole installment for a machine to roll out to build up suspense for the next battle... cant wait!

Friday, February 19, 2010


Okay I admit it if I it was possible to date anime characters I would choose Kouzuki Kallen! This figure is produced under Ban Dai's Ichiban Kuji Premium series under Code Geass R2 Romantic Variation. Its a lottery prize item and is limited, as shown below its Kallen in a pretty ruffled dress.... but of course in red! The figure stands at 21cm and wont be available in stores hopefully it would find its way to Ebay!

This set also has a CC which also looks good!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Screen Protection! Hiroki's secret water method.

Gadgets these days are getting bigger screens its an undeniable fact. A large screen afterall is needed for all the multimedia functions demanded by today's tech savvy generation. This calls for screen protection because a scratched screen aint pretty.

I think everyones been there and saw a dodgy attempt where theres air bubbles everywhere makes the gadget uncool and also degrades the viewing experience. So that I dont need to wince at the site of dodgy air bubbles on screens ODU has got a secret to offer, Hiroki's own water method! I actually invented this method almost five years ago

At the time I got my first PSP and was worried as hell that I would scratch the screen. Like everyone else my first attempts were futile but I came up with a method which I perfected and could use on phones and nearly any other gadget with a screen.

Okay its time to spill the beans! Todays subject is the Ipod Touch

Okay first of get a good protector dont settle for dodgy ones they are flimsy and the silicon on them is very bad quality. Flimsy silicon seals let dust in and develop air bubbles around the edges of the screen.

Start work inside your bathroom. Yep the bathroom. Providing that you've kept it clean and wipe the surfaces all the time its the cleanest and least dusty place in your house. It is void from carpet to begin with which is a dust magnet. The bedroom is the worst place to put on a protector its got dust, skin cells, minute cloth fibre and nearly anything tiny you can think of.

The package was bought from the Apple Store. This set costs $20 which is the price I would pay for one protector for my cell phones.

Firstly wash your hands with a liquid soap if its suitable for the hands its mild enough for a later step.

Have an optics grade cleaning cloth ready. these cloths are made from microfibre and dont grow lint or dustballs.

For emphasise there was nothing wrong with my Ipod's protector to begin with

Okay lets take it off

Have a glasses cleaning spray ready

Spray the screen with the solution to wipe away any grime or dust.

On final inspection have the Ipod at least this close to your face to see if theres any stubborn dust particles and wipe them off

Okay its time to put the new one on!

Using the hand soap from earlier on clean the adhesive side of the protector (sometimes these protectors have been sealed with dust in them). The adhesive side is made from silicon which stays on by static it wont effect its ability to cling to the screen.

After washing away the soap hold the protector like this and flap as much water away as possible

Now its time to put it on. Trace around the circle so that its a perfect fit. Be really careful with this step you dont want water or soap to go into the gaps.

Okay the protector is on by now u probably think u got ripped off have no fear those are merely water bubbles not the dreaded dust trapped air bubbles that you see on the street.

Using the optics grade micro fibre cloth push the water out of the seams of the protector have the cloth ready by the time it reaches the seams to wipe away the water. If you got a good protector the film will stay on when you are pushing the water out.

By now we are down to three bubbles repeat the process above

And wallah this is the end product!

And we got a spare one for renewal. Although they say these protectors are reusable I tend to only use them once and replace them every two years. Having spares ready is handy if you still have the device when its out of manufacture.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Hiroki and Kenji @ Acer Arena for Top Gear Live

So its been made pretty clear I love flashy cars. Which makes sense that I would attend Top Gear Live!

Firstly before the show started Kenji and I got a bite and watched the stunt show outside the arena which was decorated with automotive stands and general Top Gear merchandise outlets.

By the time we entered the stadium the foyer was packed with show goers taking photos in the foyer of super cars including an Audi R8 and a Scagialeti and of course the rather sexy survey girls!

Yes the ticket does say no cameras allowed but seriously who actually follows these warnings LOTS of people do it and since I learnt from the Fearless concert I took my camera in to take shots of the show. What can I say this show was really adrenaline pumping and the stunts, lighting, explosions, expensive cars, audience interaction and the typical Top Gear humour made it quite an experience.

I couldn't get any shots of the stunts though, the organisers held driver safety as a priority and asked the audience to put the cameras away which was understandable but they were pretty relaxed when Clarkson and crew were talking or when the supercars were paraded into the arena.

Hiroki's Netless Adventures- My Precious the 599 GTB Fiorano

Okay what else did I get to when I was offline? I was fortunately enough to see my dream car in the flesh. The Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano. I looked at it was drooling right away. Out came my Sony Ericsson X1 and the rest was frozen in history.

Since we are on the topic of automorive goodness I found the next candidate for my die cast garage the Aston Martin One-77!


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