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Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I remember in 2004... I wa studying at my friend Henry's place. We were having a study break playing the PS2! LOL shows my age doesn't it! He told me I would love a particular game it was AEUG vs Titans. Who would have though that a single video game would put me on the path of model building, collecting anime and of course starting ODU!?

Its interesting that I post on this video game as the star of this thread is of course the incoming RG MKII. MKII was one of the very first machines I learnt to play with for its reasonable affordability in the game costing system, damage and reloadable ammo. So of course I felt obliged to comment about this incoming gem from Bandai.

Coming in April this year! and of course theres the AEUG and Titans version.

If the next lot of RG releases are Zeta Gundam related I would personally like to see Zeta and Hyakushiki or maybe Quebelly or The-O so many options!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Metal Build Freedom

The Metal Build Freedom is on its way! True to the series of metal figures... its made from alloy, 1:100, detailed and of course made of pwnage! I've always had a soft spot for the Freedom range so of course trust me to blog on it! Okay honest and straightforward what do I like about this kit?
Posability.....even upside down true to some of the crazy HIMAT stunts that Kira pulled off in the anime.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Interesting magazine scan re Strike Gundam

The RG Skygrasper is getting released at the end of the month which I am getting for Kenji for his Strike! Anyway I was doing my usual runs at my various sources and stumbled across this neat pic. Could this configuration be debuting in the HD remaster!

This concept however isn't new but to see it animated will be pretty awesome. I'd probably say the scene where he was changing packs every twenty seconds with the end result being the death of Nicol. As some of us will recall a SD kit was sold years ago which had all the Striker packs and the front cover art was of course this,

I started to try find subs of the HD Seed remaster all I can find are the 10 bit ones which dont seem to work on my system. My search is still going on! Perhaps our readers can help on this endeavour?

Edit: 8:35PM I managed to get the 10 Bit videos to work I had to downgrade my version of Windows Media Classic and download CCCP. Ended up working like a gem. This rather interesting pic shows up in the ad break screens!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Otaku Down what.....?

Hello friends its been ages since my last post. Work got in the way and............I got married! I've been a bit of a busy bee and my life's finally settling back down. So what does this mean? I get back onto ODU of course! The crew have been really excited lately because first off the Otakun novel project is now completely in full swing we got a complete plot summary for the first arc and pages of concept drafts!

I may have mentioned this before but because of my grandmother's condition I have completely stopped building models but..... this doesn't stop me from posting the COMPLETE PG Strike Freedom!

After a somewhat stale year of releases Bandai has launched back into full swing offering a variety of RG and MG models including the MG Duel Assault Shroud and the subsequent Seed MG releases coming out to allign with the HD remaster project and the RG Gundam MKII which is under development. The toy I have in mind this year would be a Hot Toys release I am praying for a release of Iron Man Mk7! Cant wait to get back into the engine room....ODU full steam ahead!!!


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