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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Swans/Strict G Gundam themed glasses

Being advocates of otaku fashion and apparell this pair of glasses released by Strict G in collaboration with Swans is a worthy item to be noted on our radar. I have always been sceptical about fashion branded watches and sunglasses because you do not know who manufacturers the goods and if these brands are selling a sub par product at an inflated price. However since they have announced upfront that this pair of glasses is made by Swans my stamp of approval has been affixed to this item. I know about SWANS because my cousins had a pair of snow skiing googles made by them.

There are three models to keep your eye on one based on Amuro, Char and the Gouf mobile suit. Without a doubt my choice would be the Char Airless polarised set.


This set of sleek glasses goes for 14175 yen, the others in the collection


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