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Monday, September 16, 2013

Tales From Hong Kong- A Mission to Nerv HQ

I already drafted this post in Hong Kong one night when I had difficulty sleeping over a continuous thunder storm. A certain leg of my holiday involved carrying two Medicom Real Action Heroes Evangelion Neo figures across three immigration borders! Sydney, China and Hong Kong SAR.

The background involved my cousin Edmund showing me his latest conquest, the RAH Unit Zero over Whatsapp. I casually informed him that I've seen the Unit One locally here in Sydney. After informing him of the price it is funny how heavily inflated limited stock can get in Hong Kong. I was given a mission to buy the Unit One.

I arrived at Games Infinity on the Friday before flying out (23rd August) and realized that the Unit One was display stock. I quickly called Edmund but this fact did not phase him. As I turned around I saw the box for Unit Two. As a joke I asked if he wanted it too. Not surprisingly he says GET IT! So in Sydney this starts my epic journey to transfer two Evangelion units to "Nerv HQ" with a combine value of $825 of plastic fantastic!

As space was limited Edmund made the hard decision to transport EVA 1 without the original box...its huge! This was quite stressful for me as I had to protect the horn! The solution was to wrap the model in a combination of bubble wrap, plastic bags and hard cardboard wine sleeves.

The wrapped package was then supported with a towel in a dedicated compartment in my backpack. As for the Unit Two I have to compliment Games Infinity for the quality of their plastic bags. The Eva 2 arrived in original packaging and the plastic bag hardly wore down from constant transit. The epic trip involved a flight from Sydney to Guangzhou, Guangzhou to Yueyang via speed rail, Yueyang to Changsha via car and a flight from Changsha to Hong Kong!

Despite the wrapping and security measures I took to protect Unit One the horn scared the absolute crap out of me. I thought I would have had an anxiety attack! At every checkpoint I unwrapped the Evangelion to inspect the damage, although stressful it was amusing to say the least.

The goods were handed over on the 29th concluding my consignment to transport the Evangelions to their proud owner!
The most rewarding part of taking on this mission was seeing these pics being sent to me when Edmund posed them together!

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