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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Square Enix DC Kai Justice League

I regularly post about Marvel figures so I may as well give DC some of the love. I have mentioned it previously but I am close to securing a second cabinet. I got lots of plans on the horizon and this set is on the cards! I loved the armoured look!

PS Vita Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment.

I'm so keen to start this one should be fun!  The story traces back to an unexplored area in Aincrad where Kirito meets an orange marked player (a criminal) the only clue we get is that she killed someone. Look's like a good story cant wait for April next year.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

SDCC Legacy Morpher 24k Gold Green/White Ranger Edition

I have been pretty good in keeping my collection controlled with four broad categories these were Gundam, Iron Man, Batman and Star Wars. Until I couldn't pass off a great deal on another item, this is the San Diego Comicon Limited Green/White Ranger edition. It's a die cast piece plated in 24k gold. From what I heard a non gold plate version will be released soon too.

There's only 1000 pieces in the world! Mine is 801.

HAHA I was rushed for time to get this pic taken, but who knows Zordon might call you into action when nature calls.....
And you guys have guessed correctly I am beginning to stock on Power/Rangers and Sentai goods, pics to come in due course.

Tomica Initial D Panda Trueno

Although the comic just became unrealistic with Takumi's "Fujiwara Zone" I will always have a soft spot for the car. Soon to be released a mini scale Panda Trueno and awesome enough the door can open!


Work Masquerade? Challenge accepted!

I had my work Xmas Party two weeks back. Man shows how long I hadn't been posting! So when I was planning for this event I had the stroke of genius to wear an arc reactor and Iron Man helmet...

My teaser I posted on Facebook....Something epic is coming

Thursday, December 5, 2013

PS Controller Plugy

After getting the Iron Man plugy set these little charms have captured my attention. Gotta love them even more when they come in the shape of a PS controller!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Uniqlo Astro Boy T Shirt

This was an awesome gift I received from my cousin for my birthday. As you all know I appreciate my geeky tees and would not pass up on the opportunity to spread the word!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Kyoruger Epicness!

Epic is the word I will use to describe this week's Kyoryuger episode!

Not only did the ten Kyoryugers combine for the first time....

We also saw return of Mikoto and Topaspino (It's actually my first time I saw both since I haven't been lucky enough to see the musical movie in Japan!)


Monday, December 2, 2013

SH Figuarts Kyoryu Gold

I have been captivated by special rangers since the early days. The extra bling and powers makes them so much cooler than the regular lot. Since I am watching the current season Utsusemimaru makes an awesome Gold Ranger with his skills and also companion Pteragordon. The following is a webshop exclusive from SH Figuarts.

Kyoryu Gold Kenzan!


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