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Saturday, September 18, 2010

1/60 Perfect Grade Strike Freedom

After camping Reggio Comics, Ngee Khiong, Gundam Guy and all the other sources I could think of my search has finally produced some results! The prototype for the PG Strike Freedom and a colour render has been released. Its HOT!!! Lat night Kenji and I were talking about and out of blue I said in a Japanese English accent, Mussu Getto (Must Get).

The only thing that might get me worried looking at the colour render is that my fears might be realised, if the shiny bling bling gold appearance of the frame is anything to go by. As an overall kit the PG Strike Freedom is not worth the 26250 yen price tag that is being offered. The only thing that could jack up the price would be that the gold frame will be electroplated. This would cause problems as electroplated structure elements aren't as strong as the traditonal PVC. Over time the back heavy model might collapse.

Hahaha in fact I will be very happy if they released it in the poo brown colour that they had for the MG and the recent Robot Daimashi that way I can paint it (electro plating cant be painted) and also it would have structural rigidity. Anyhow enough of my rant. The revamp made by Katoki is excellent the sleek form is amazing and really resembles the anime, the details are crazy too I cant wait for further development so that I can make an informed purchase decision!

Update- After some more searching I have found that this model will be similiar to the Full Burst MG Strike Freedom the exposed parts are electroplated  (as indicated in the text below "Revealing frame parts have been modified with Extra Finish "which is what Ban Dai calls its electro plated gunpla line. Well at least the electro plating is still in my tolerance level if it was the entire frame then Ill be scared! 

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