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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Animania September 2010

Another Animania has gone hence wrapping up Sydney's convention calendar. It wasn't as fail as the March event but I wasn't exactly impressed at the same time. Overall it was a pretty good day but the goods didn't promote any impulse buying. Basically there was nothing to buy and the events were pretty much just like last year.

I wasn't able to get a photo BUT I can say I can die a happy man hehehe I saw a pretty girl cosplaying as my favourite anime girl Kouzuki Kallen dressed in the pink bunny girl outfit. I tried hard to find her but only located her just as I was about to leave by that time she had already put on her ordinary clothes!  On a side note I did get to see the main seiyu for Pokemon, Matsumoto Rika perform an opening song which was quite nice she had a very strong voice.

Perhaps next time if the goods were worth buying I would be more pumped (the cosplay at Animania can be of good quality)! Perhaps inviting Koshimizu Ami (Seiyu for notable roles such as Kouzuki Kallen- Code Geass, Aika- R16 Virgin Mission, Himari and Tenma from School Rumble) as well?

Anyhow I guess my thoughts now allign with Kenji's, Smash is the best convention in the calendar!!! Gunpla ftw!!! However at ODU we are not haters I shall leave this post with a picture of Kallen in tribute to the unknown cosplayer!!

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