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Saturday, March 12, 2011

PG Strike Freedom WIP- Body

The construction for this project was delayed this month because I couldn't source any gold paint As mentioned before all frame parts are sprayed or resprayed for consistency. The chest did take some time I completed it over four building sessions and close to six spraying sessions. The main difficulties I encountered were paint scratching when I put the air vents in. They resulted in ugly chips for the right vent I had to remove all paint twice with metho and respray to get what I wanted.

 The hardest part was connecting the white lower torso with the main body. Theres a hydrolic gimmick and getting the parts to connect when the connection points are on an angle was pretty tedious. The points I like about the main body is in the frame. The articulation point for the waist is a ratchet cog lock system which secures the torso from sagging from the backpacks weight.

I also started with my decal set my objective as portrayed before was to make a decal set symbolising Kira's decision to turn to ZAFT at the end of the Final Plus Special Edition. Pretty much Strike Freedom with ZAFT decals instead of Orb ones. I had to buy a pack of ZAFT water slide decals for this special project.

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