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Sunday, April 10, 2011

WIP 1/144 HGUC Gouf Custom with battle damage

I ran out of Rubber Black which is a key colour for the PG Strike Freedom's undercoat so using the paints I have on inventory I started a side project.  This is the first time I dealt with battle damage or defacing in general The process of scarring the model is actual quite fun!

Last year for BAKUC I experimented with the concept of adding a silver underlay to the model which ended up being used by Kenji and Sok for BAKUC. The silver underlay would be used as a metallic layer for express battle damage. However as they were under time constraints the model wasn't scarred as planned. I have adopted the method now for a model of my own, The HGUC Gouf Custom! I wasn't planning to do battle damage at first until I saw the box art... however I went overboard with my one LOL!

I started to appreciate the concept of pre assembling certain parts recently I found that I could really save on paint from doin this. Okay the below shots highlight the silver underlay afterwards the colour gets sprayed on. so each piece gets three coats a grey undecoat, a silver underlay and a colour layer.

To get this damage get a sander and sand lightly for scratches that reveal silver lashings for gouge and burn marks scratch deper and colour in the central area with a black gundam marker and rub in the ink. Updates for this project will be presented parallel to the Strike Freedom.

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