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Saturday, April 2, 2011

RG Gundam photoshoot

I was a bit bored today since Cat is away in the Gold Coast so I decided to get some photography done! The subject was my latest achievement the RG Gundam. I love this kit its amazingly detailed and small. I'm beginning to build more HG and RG 1/144 series. So far I have the folllowing 1/144 kits left to build after the PG Strike Freedom
1. RG Char Zaku            
 2. HGUC Gouf Custom
I also have the HGUC Unicorn in mind.

If any of our readers have a particular model they want to see in particular from the list then feel free to comment your preference. Okay onto the photoshoot. The weather today was slightly overcast but the light was still good these shots were shot at ISO400 4F3.5

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