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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Goodies at work-Robot Damashii Banshee Destroy mode

So one will wonder how I can tolerate working in an office when I can post about shiny new toys that I either have or want. Well the answer is.... I got toys at work!

My work station complete with Kubrick Iron Man Mk 6, Bart Simpson, a Transformers calendar from the limited edition Blu Ray and the Robot Damashii Banshee

Okay this post is dedicated to the Banshee I love this figure its so detailed for a figure! The list of accesories, extra hands and weapons just goes on! I spent a week changing the parts during my lunch breaks and of course I have it documented in photos!

Armed Armour BS and VN

Beam Magnum and Shield

Twin Beam Tonfas

The only item left is the bazooka. The details are sharp and the mould of the figure is extremely accurate to the anime. The only two things that would have made it perfect would be hands with moveable digits and a nicer golden psychoframe. But thinking back the MG release's frame is nothing to write home about as well! So final verdict 8/10!

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