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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Kids Logic 24k Gold Iron Man Mk42

Being a fan of the SD proportion for a long time it wasn't with out a doubt that I will soon stumble across Hong Kong based figure house Kids Logic. The first item I saw from them were the Egg Attack series Iron Man figures. I kept a mental note of them and sooner or later I came across their Optimus Prime prototype and also bought their Iron Man plugy set.

So the main character of this post is this 24K gold plate Mk42 I believe its the same mould as the plugy Iron Man Mk42. I am pretty sure this one is going to be way expensive considering the price of gold these days. It will be an awesome novelty item to have though! :D

Edit 16/7/13- I was bored during a work training session yesterday saw this on the Kids Logic Facebook page these guys sure know how to take my money. They also have a fair exclusive War Machine/ Iron Patriot set on the way. I already asked my friend to look out for it and sweep it up!

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