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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Robot Tamashii Gundam Airmaster Burst

When I saw the thumbnail on 78DM I was like OMG! However once I clicked on the pic I was semi disappointed. It was Airmaster Burst.

1/100 HG - Not the upcoming Robot Tamashii figure

The upcoming Robot Tamashii figure to tie in with the G Falcon and Double X releases
Don't get me wrong its not as if I don't like it but I was hoping it to be the original Airmaster! For those that do not know my first ever Gundam kit was the 1/144 Gundam Airmaster. I still remember that day when I saw the kit in my uncles room and thinking to myself this is the coolest thing I ever seen and surprise surprise my uncle gave me that kit! You know how crazy I got afterwards hahaha!

1/100 Airmaster

1/144 Airmaster manual
I have not seen any Airmaster kits in years now come to think about it!

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