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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year! Let The Toy Archives Begin!

It is the 1/1/14 and ODU is now it's sixth year.With a new year comes new projects! This new project is a picture journal called Toy Archives which documents what we bought and what we thought of getting monthly. I thought it would be a funny way to write a journal about collecting in general and to see which purchases made it to the collection! I have a funny story about this actually. I was originally intending to do this privately on my phone via an app. The app was called Everybody! Scrapbooking. The functionality was great but it was not for everybody... The designs were so  girly I couldn't bring myself to use it. So I resorted to PowerPoint. I will start off the Archives with purchases and thoughts carried over from 2013!

By the end of 2013 I saw the need of getting a new cabinet. With this in mind I made the decision to begin a power rangers/sentai collection. I put in a order for the SH Figuarts Power Ranger figures already available on the market (I should have them by Monday!). I also had the thought of expanding my Iron Man collection to general Marvel and my Batman collection to a blanket DC collection. Bad bad idea! Now I cant keep my eyes off the Square Enix DC Kai figures!

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