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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Introducing the term Itasha and the Bandai Lexus SC430

 an Itasha spelt 痛車 in kanji is a car decked out with anime references or characters. An example of an Itasha is like the picture below... This time we got one big Haruhi fan. I always admire people who would do this. They are proudly showing their true colours at great expense!

This has to be the ultimate Itasha! The Lexus team is backed by the massive toys group that we all know as Bandai. The marketing genius at Bandai wont let this opportunity slip out of their fingers thats for sure hence its decked out promoting its most profitable/recent lines. In this case Gundam 00.

the Lexus SC430 has been  competing in the Japanese Super GT500 since 2006 and is a fairly consistent winner. I think the Celestal Being logo on the roof implies that the vehicle belongs to the organisation and is capable of Transam!

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