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Saturday, January 30, 2010

ODU's open letter to Animania's organisers... Aurora Entertainment

Needless to say Animania is Sydney's largest annual anime convention. Seeing the opportunity to further promote our blog we have prepared a letter of permission to promote Otaku Down Under at the March 2010 event.


To Whom It May Concern,

I am one of the administrators of the blog Otaku Down Under. The main focus of our blog is to provide a place for the Australian local Japanese pop culture appreciation sector to be updated on news of their interest. We provide figure reviews, anime feedback, release information and a range of witty posts for entertainment value.

Below we have provided a link for your reference. We started blogging shortly after last year’s Sydney Animania in October and thoroughly enjoyed the experience and used it as a platform to upload cosplay pictures and share our reminiscing thoughts. It has since been three months since we started and we have made 94 posts and attracted 267 unique visitors and still have plans for expansion!

As we will be attending Sydney Animania 2010 in March and would like to request permission to promote our blog at the event. We will only be distributing “business cards” and assure the organisers/sponsors of the event that there will not be any commercial activity involved. Our blog is open on the internet and is not a monetary subscription service.

Please advise on the feasibility of our request. The assistance of Aurora Entertainment in any way, shape or form will be greatly appreciated.


Mathew Law

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