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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Gundam updates

This piece of news warrants its own post but I thought I might group it all together. The first piece of news is like an otaku wet dream! It has been announced in Hobby Japan the bad boy the alpha and omega (in my opinion) is soon to be released in Perfect Grade glory, Strike Freedom!!! I cant wait to update you guys on this kits development it is due for a December release! Cant wait I'm giggling like a school girl.

Okay the next two items to talk about are from the 00 movie and its manga renditions. 00 Full Sword Mode the add on parts will be released as a magazine special for the 1/144 00Q (00 Quanta) the Fullsword mode finally counterbalances the lopsided appearance of 00Q and I love it!

Here is a standard kit from the 00 Movie. Harute is easily my favourite design from this series! The upcoming 1/144 format Gundam model looks so overpowering in my opinion I think its more mean than the 00Q!

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