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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Iron Man anime

I am currently nine episodes into this anime. I have to give credit to Marvel for this one because to impress an otaku like myself with an American superhero turned anime series is a pretty mean feat. Apart from the weird Mista Starku (Japanese people attempting to say Mr Stark) this series actually rocks! Okay without spoiling too much the basic plot is that Stark is ready for retirement and is handpicking a task force of Iron Men to wear the Iron Man Dio mass production suit.

As part of the reform of Stark Industries, Tony Stark begins a plan to build arc reactors all around the world to provide the next generation with an environmentally sustainable free energy source. The first nation to have this system installed is Japan. It is in Japan that Stark has to face the challenges of a public questioning his motives and at the same time protect them from harms way.

I love Stark's car its fast, has weapon systems, auto pilot and also a spare fully operational Iron Man suit


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