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Saturday, January 29, 2011

PG Strike Freedom WIP- Head

The monster project has begun!! From now to its completion I will document the construction phases of my biggest Gundam challenge to date. Today we will be talking about the head. I was sceptical that this kit will be an oversized MG but when I started building it I saw the light. The head took me two sessions to complete. First of all what made this kit more difficult than the others was I have done many Strike Freedoms in the past, how can I avoid the best one looking like the others?

First off my paint skills were better now since then so I can play with more paint options this kits finish will be darker than the original colours but treated with a slight pearl finish before applying on a flat top coat. This gives the kit a dominant matte finish whilst on close examination it has a metal like appearance.

As per the frame it would be repainted in a a nice gold, after all it is Freedom we are talking about here bring out the bling bling!

The first session

Preparing the parts for session two

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