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Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I remember in 2004... I wa studying at my friend Henry's place. We were having a study break playing the PS2! LOL shows my age doesn't it! He told me I would love a particular game it was AEUG vs Titans. Who would have though that a single video game would put me on the path of model building, collecting anime and of course starting ODU!?

Its interesting that I post on this video game as the star of this thread is of course the incoming RG MKII. MKII was one of the very first machines I learnt to play with for its reasonable affordability in the game costing system, damage and reloadable ammo. So of course I felt obliged to comment about this incoming gem from Bandai.

Coming in April this year! and of course theres the AEUG and Titans version.

If the next lot of RG releases are Zeta Gundam related I would personally like to see Zeta and Hyakushiki or maybe Quebelly or The-O so many options!

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