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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Interesting magazine scan re Strike Gundam

The RG Skygrasper is getting released at the end of the month which I am getting for Kenji for his Strike! Anyway I was doing my usual runs at my various sources and stumbled across this neat pic. Could this configuration be debuting in the HD remaster!

This concept however isn't new but to see it animated will be pretty awesome. I'd probably say the scene where he was changing packs every twenty seconds with the end result being the death of Nicol. As some of us will recall a SD kit was sold years ago which had all the Striker packs and the front cover art was of course this,

I started to try find subs of the HD Seed remaster all I can find are the 10 bit ones which dont seem to work on my system. My search is still going on! Perhaps our readers can help on this endeavour?

Edit: 8:35PM I managed to get the 10 Bit videos to work I had to downgrade my version of Windows Media Classic and download CCCP. Ended up working like a gem. This rather interesting pic shows up in the ad break screens!

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