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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Kids Logic Iron Man 3 Plugy Set Review

So here we go I received the Iron Man 3 Plugy set last week and now it is ready for the collection to grace the ODU archives! Without further delay lets start this review. I wasn't originally thinking of buying this set until I saw the coloured image scans. What held me back was that the collection was not complete with Mk1 and Mk7. However as soon as I saw the product I held onto the "hope" that they will come along. This kit was pretty hard to come buy at a reasonable price due to the global demand for Iron Man goods the price was being inflated significantly!


The figures arrive in a SRP (shelf ready packaging) carton for vendors to put on their shelves, its rather commercial. Once the SRP is opened the individual figures are placed exactly in rows of three and are in full colour. Surprisingly this set was not a lucky dip random format the individual box art corresponded with the Iron Man suit.
Each suit had a clear tab at the top of the head which you pull out to separate the batteries. You may notice the small button on the back of the helmets, that is the light switch.

 This set was very well sculpted I like the rivet details on the MK2, the intricate connections of the suitcase suit Mk4 all were made without any details spared. Sculpt aside though, overall the product looks great but on closer inspection you see paint bleeds and the plastic feels cheap. Definitely not the quality for a product with a retail price which is close to 100HKD each.

These figures were meant to be  dangling ornaments for your phone that connect from the earphone jack and came with strings to attach the male audio piece. At 9cm tall I don't think they will fit well in your pocket. Although this set does have its shortfalls its still worthy to keep in your cabinet

The Good

- Alternative to Hot Toys' Cosbaby line. In my opinion this set looks nicer
- Chibi proportioned with light up arc reactors and eyes.
- Great sculpt and colour separation despite cases of paint bleed.

The Bad

- Quality can be better for the price tag
- No articulation
- Incomplete set does not include Mk1 and Mk7
- Too large to be real cell phone decorations

Final Verdict- 6 Otakun Helmets

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