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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Kotobukiya ArtFX Slave Leia Review!

There have been many slave Leia figures released over the years. Among the best are the 1/4 Sideshow, 1/6 Gentle Giant and the Kotobukiya ArtFX. I was originally going for the Gentle Giant but was outbid by three dollars I ended up with this one and man am I delighted to own this. The official press photos were good but the actual product is even nicer to look at!

The intricate details are quite nice but overall I find the face sculpt to be a bit off, the sculpting on the Gentle Giant looked much older the best would have to been the Sideshow figure. Overall the hair ornaments, bracelets and arm bands were reproduced quite well. However I think the kit I got may have been displayed previously, some areas in the paintwork seemed a bit faded, hopefully this isn't the case for the entire batch. The right arm is a separate piece which attaches onto the body, The connection isn't 100% flush but looks perfect from the back.

The soft plastic which make up the sash of the bottom half of the metal bikini are flexible plastics that appear a bit fragile in my opinion. The rear sash has groovings to hook up to the base to give that elegant folded appearance.
My favourite part of this figure apart from Leia herself is the metal chain. It has these copper braidings in the chain itself and looks amazing!
What makes this figure even more worthwhile to add to the collection is that Kotobukiya have an extensive 1/7 range of Star Wars ArtFX figures for the scale pedantic collector. Although my figure appeared to be a bit faded it is still a stunning piece to add to a Star Wars collection. It just integrates in perfectly. Stay tuned! I have more Star Wars pieces coming in (Sideshow Yoda Jedi Master) or on the wish list (Kotobukiya General Grievous)!
The Good

- 1/7 scale. This figure is a part of a larger collection of the same scale and allows for multiple product integration possibilities.
- Fine attention to detail, the best accessory in my opinion is the metal chain.
-  Great pose and sculpt

The Bad

- The bikini bottoms are made of flexible plastic and feel cheap.
- May be this specific model but the paintwork seems a little faded
- Right arm connection isn't a perfect fit and leaves a noticeable gap on fine inspection
Final Verdict- 7 Otakun Helmets

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