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Thursday, May 13, 2010

I want to be in Japan around July/August!

Hi everybody I've been so busy totally neglected this blog of ours! Sorry ODU and also to our readers! Okay there isn't a time than July/August that I want to go to Japan. Why? Because of all these awesome 1:1 statues that will be on display then!

First off we have the return of the RG 1:1 Gundam with its Mt Fuji backdrop and classy new beam saber pose!

Secondly is something just as epic. So huge that all you see is it's chest and head! Appearing at Fuji Q Amusement Park is the all new 1:1 Evangelion Unit One bust! It would be available for public exhibition in late July. The display also includes an entry plug hatch where fans can take photos at the cockpit for a small fee!

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