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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Gundam figures not models!

It wasn't until a while back when the best gundam goods were models. Figures were disgustingly plain or the highly detail resin kits by default are more challenging than official release Gunpla models. In the last two years a massive improvement has been seen on the market. Previously I wouldn't have even cast a thought of buying a Gundam figure now I'm starting to think otherwise.

GFFN Full Armour Unicorn- This is a hot figure, its decked to the teeth with weaponary and the unique green psychoframe colour is pretty cool! If it didn't have those propulsion units akin to the Hi-Nu and Nightingale I think I'd like it more though!

Formania Sazabi Bust- As all profiting sculpting companies will do. If their range includes Nu Gundam there must be Sazabi! Formania put so many details in there sculpting that you would start to think that there is an Anaheim Electronics out there in space!  Formania caught my attention with their Nu Gundam bust I think I would had got it if it had Fin Funnels in mid construction. Seems like Formania listened to the fans and put Sazabi's funnel backpack into their sculpt. With this amount of detail I think Ban Dai would be scared if Formania decided to make models like gunpla!

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