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Saturday, May 29, 2010


Hi guys what many of you may not know is that both Hiroki and I were eager to review this movie but since Hiroki announced Iron Man 2 he was nice enough to let me review it and finally after trying to watch this movie twice I was able to watch it, and have to say it was a good movie with a few interesting action packed scenes. Now before I go on please continue reading if you don't mind spoilers

In this movie Tony Stark aka Iron man deals with the government who insist that he hand over Iron man to them as it is considered a weapon and a potential threat to the country, yet in a public enquiry Tony humiliates the government and his rival by showing everyone footage of their failed attempts at copying iron man. which leads to a power struggle between the government and Tony who refuses to give up Iron man.

Yet what no one except Tony knows, is that the thing keeping him alive is also the thing which will lead to his death with in the year, this leads to him on a path to destruction.
Even though I loved the actions scenes I would have to say that the 1st movie was still better and this movie wasn't able to live up to the 1st. Since the movie was more about Tony's inner turmoil and it seemed that the movie followed the same old story where hero is dieing then decides to go on a destructive path and then behold he is cured so he kills all the baddies.
Overall I would say that it was entertaining but not a movie I would want to watch at the movies again and would not recommend others who decide to watch it, to expect it to be as good as the 1st, since you may be disappointed.

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