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Sunday, July 11, 2010

BAKUC Gundam Building Competition Update 2

Well with a little under a month before Hiroki, myself and Mangagastrawberitartcreme submit our entries for the is good to know that officially all three of us has started on building our models.
Hiroki has been updating his progress separately, so I'll just update you guys on mine and Mangagastrawberitartcreme.
Our final custom color scheme for the Zaku and Infinite Justice has been decided. So we're up to the painting and building part. To keep things as manageable as possible the sensible thing to do is to paint and build each individual part of the body before moving onto the next. Mangagastrawberitartcreme is working on the head piece while I'm waiting on one final color before I can start to assemble the body together.
Much to Hiroki's shock horror my painting method was completely unorthodox, but once the paint dried on the parts, he had to admit that the results turned out well. Some one was feeling very smug about it all =P
Regardless, since Hiroki knows more about paints than I do, I still took his guidance on board and tried to apply whilst I was painting the silver areas of my Infinite Justice.
So more images for you guys to see.

I know that I am not the worlds best coloring in artist, but these are just rough guides that I will be using for my model. There will be more updates in the coming week, since I only the weekend to work on the model so more updates next week.

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