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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Absence from Smash

As Kenji says I now have a 3D girlfriend. Her name is Cathryn (Kitty, Cat) minus the mush of loving her like crazy I'll tell you guys what I did on Smash Saturday. Well pardon the pun it wasn't as smashing as Kenji's BAKUC adventure but I did do fellow otaku's proud regardless. Cat and I were supposed to go to Smash but because we didnt get advanced tickets they already sold out before 11 am.

Well it was a bit of a setback as I really wanted to go BUT I didn't let it get the better of me! I just happened to buy all I need elsewhere! Okay what did Hiroki buy!!!!??? First of all I completed the collection, I have a full set of legitimate Code Geass DVDs now... Awesome! WATCH CODE GEASS LELOUCH V BRITANNIA DEMANDS IT!!! I had to go to JB World Square and JB Galleries Victoria to complete the missing R2 Volumes (the first season was purchased earlier this year).

At the next stop Cat wanted to go to Morning Glory I didn't expect to find anything that will appeal to me but yep I did end up buying something. Megatron and Optimus chibi sized keyrings they are so cool I have them at work right now!

All in all I stayed true to my otakuism hehehe Id like to take this opportunity to apologise for not finishing my BAKUC entry but I promise to pick up the slack I got more modelling projects planned hehehehehe.

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