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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Smash 2010

Smash 2010, the first and last year that the event will be at the Sydney Townhall...but more on that later.

Pardon the pun guys, but this year's event was a smashing success, the tickets to the event sold out by around 11am. And since the building capacity was rather small, it meant that no more tickets were sold. So lesson learnt here is that if you're able to purchase the advance tickets then do so, it will not only save you time but also money.

If anyone has been to previous Smash events will know of the usual fare. This years event has a new addition, and that is the Hobbyco and Bandai BAKUC competition. Sok and I both entered with our models, Hiroki, who was the instigator to get us involved withdrew. His reason, spending time with his 3D girlfriend, I have yet to sit down and have a serious talk to him about that, he needs to get his priorities right. Anyhoo, it was actually a rush job to get both models ready for the event, but at the end of it all we were both very happy with the outcome and had a lot of fun planning and building our custom models...not to mention getting high on the fumes.

But I'll rather let the pics that I took do the talking. But for 2011, the Smash event will be held at the Convention Centre at Darling Harbor. I can't think of a better place to hold the event, and if you feel like Cosplaying, Cockle Bay will offer a splendid backdrop for any photographs that will be taken on the permitting that is.
Setting up on Friday afternoon
Unicorn Gundam

Gundam Paradise

Sok's blue Zaku
Kenji's emo Black Justice
Yeah!!! Bring on Smash 2011

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