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Friday, August 24, 2012

Hmm MG Nu Gundam Version Ka?!

Love the picture of the Nu with the Sazabi's psycho frame capsule, looks like Gundam Basketball.

This was an interesting find yesterday. Katoki San is spinning his magic with a MG Nu Gundam release. It is still uncertain if it is a rerelease with fancy decals and accesories or a ground up redesign.

The MG release already on the market has a very strong frame incorporating die cast metal pieces but the model is not posable at all (It is very good at standing up right though). Lets see what they can do with today's frame technology! We can only dream but realistically I'm not parting with my cash until it is certain that some R and D went into this product. The Nu Gundam is quite a significant kit to me as its the first which I fully painted, If its not newly developed still good I'll wait for the RG release due some time in the distant future.

My MG Nu Gundam from 2007.

Edit 26/8/12: Hmm the pieces look much more detailed lets hope the frame has also been updated...

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