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Thursday, August 9, 2012

RG Zeta Gundam confirmed.........

RG is becoming very popular its among my favourites since I built the first release.

My RG Gundam sitting under my PG Strike Freedom

Anyway this post however is a follow up from a guess I made when I bought the latest version of Hobby Japan among the pages of goodness (Ironically I bought the magazine for the coverage on the RG Strike, Freedom and Justice) they also provided a teaser of the 10th RG kit.

My trained eye told me it would be.........

Zeta Gundam!

I was right! Pics have not been released as of yet but the news has been confirmed by Gundam Guy (a direct link to Gundam Guy has been provided to the right under the title Our Sources). The kit can be transformed into Wave Rider form but whether it is a seamless transformation or one achieved through parts swapping is still unknown. It is believed that the kit would be ready for sale by November.... hahaha a very timely birthday present for me!

Edit 11/8/12- Seems like someone disregarded the no photography rule imposed at the Gundam Front

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