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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Model Comprehend SD Hi-Nu Gundam

Model Comprehend seems to be offering quite an impressive range as of late! The newest in their stables is the Hi-NU SD this of course is a follow up from the Nightingale which they released earlier, which we also covered at the time.

Of course news is not complete without pics

One area where Model Comprehend are strong at are their awesome box art imagery! Generally they look better in the flesh because they regularly use holographic foil.... but seriously Gundoom??!!!

I love how the Fin Funnels fold up like official 1/144 and MG Bandai models (not available on the SD Nu Gundam... there isn't even a Ban Dai released SD Hi-Nu).

Thanks Model Comprehend for releasing these two heavy weights before Bandai got around to it!

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