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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mobile Suit Unicorn Episode Six: Two Worlds, Two Tomorrows Review

Ever since the first episode of Gundam Unicorn we had been following it closely. This episode began with a climatic opening where Angelo and Full Frontal made light work out of some Federation grunts and proceed to commandeer the Nehal Agama.

I have always loved the soundtrack amd use of colour in the Unicorn series. This episode dwelled less on action and had more focus on setting up for the finale. The coordinates of the Laplace Box has been revealed. Full Frontal is in conflict with Minerva (Audrey) and Bannagher. Both parties have different views to how the Laplace Box can be used whilst the Federation don't want the box opened at all.

In this episode you will find Angelo to be more annoying. Riddhe becoming emo and piloting the Banshee to the point that the improvement rate is exponential. Full Frontal reveals his agenda and appears to be more "Char-like" (This is actually good). As for Marida's development how should I say she becomes more human which doesnt kill from her charms at all! Audrey actually takes on a more active role and shows responsibilities as the leader of Zeon. Finally Bannagher, it is surprisingly by the end of the episode how manly he becomes. The sudden resolve is so surprising you would think woah is this the same wimp that the season began with!

By the end of the episode the Full Armour Unicorn makes its grand appearance and is prepared to confront the Banshee Norm piloted by Riddhe. I can't wait for the finale but at the same time a bit sad that this awesome series is also coming to an end.

Verdict- 8 Otakun helmets

The Good

- Full Frontal... and a taste of the pwnage to come!
- The characters having clear goals and agendas
- Marida Cruz
- The awesomeness of FA Unicorn

The Bad

- Angelo being annoying as always but at least his Rozen Zulu pwns on the battle field.
- Riddhe being redrawn as an emo
- The story slows down in this episode. There's only action at the start and end of the episode some can find this boring. As compensation the points that Full Frontal, Minerva and Bannagher bring up are quite interesting. But as a mecha anime fan theres no such thing as too many explosions!

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