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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Senran Kagura Review

We have come up with a new review system at ODU. The first anime on our list is Senran Kagura! Now that this anime has ended I would like to share how much I enjoyed it! Kenji wrote this one off as a tease anime but I continued on. Senran Kagura was presented in a 12 episode season format depicting the story of the feud between the Hanzou Academy and the Serpentine Academy shinobi training schools. The main characters from both schools have their own back story and character development has been generous for all characters which is pretty rare for anime titles with such a short running season.

Although "bouncing physics" and bikini clad shinobis are pretty weak for fan service the overall package is quite fresh, complete with ridiculuous shinobi techniques and plenty of moe to go around. If these are qualities you are after then don't look past Senran Kagura!

Verdict- 6.5 Otakun helmets

The Good

- Well developed characters (Loving Asuka).
- Nice fighting scenes.
- I loved how they got Hibari to experience life at Serpentine and let the viewers realise that the Dark Faction girls were actually misunderstood.

The Bad

- Very quick transition to final climax at episode eleven it still felt unfinished. The season finished with plenty of plot holes but these can be addressed with a second season.
- On a final note relatively weak fanservice but if that's what you are after you may as well stick with Queens Blade.

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