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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Hiroki and Kenji @ Acer Arena for Top Gear Live

So its been made pretty clear I love flashy cars. Which makes sense that I would attend Top Gear Live!

Firstly before the show started Kenji and I got a bite and watched the stunt show outside the arena which was decorated with automotive stands and general Top Gear merchandise outlets.

By the time we entered the stadium the foyer was packed with show goers taking photos in the foyer of super cars including an Audi R8 and a Scagialeti and of course the rather sexy survey girls!

Yes the ticket does say no cameras allowed but seriously who actually follows these warnings LOTS of people do it and since I learnt from the Fearless concert I took my camera in to take shots of the show. What can I say this show was really adrenaline pumping and the stunts, lighting, explosions, expensive cars, audience interaction and the typical Top Gear humour made it quite an experience.

I couldn't get any shots of the stunts though, the organisers held driver safety as a priority and asked the audience to put the cameras away which was understandable but they were pretty relaxed when Clarkson and crew were talking or when the supercars were paraded into the arena.

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