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Friday, February 12, 2010

Hiroki is back online!

I'm finally back online I'm so sorry that our viewers had to come to ODU without new posts. Okay what happened? In short my service provider TPG screwed me over and I was without an internet connection for one whole week. Believe me an otaku without a net connection is the equivalent of living a caveman's lifestyle.

So what have I been doing this week? Firstly on Sunday I went to see Taylor Swift's Fearless concert. It was excellent Taylor is a very talented singer who can entertain without needing to lip sync... RESPECT! Since I am on the topic I will tell you guys how much of a concert virgin I was. The ticket said no cameras or video recording equipment so Kenny and I thought we couldn't bring normal cameras in. Turned out there were point and shoots everywhere. Fortunately my workmate Amy was there as well so I did a ninja act and stole her shots!

I also started watching an anime which I bought from JB Hifi called Speed Grapher. So far I can say it is an awesome show. Its about a former war photographer named Saiga who follows leads from an assignment to a cult like society promoting a promise of fulfillings one's desires. The members comprising of leading politicians and celebrities. Events lead to another and he gets kissed by a mysterious girl named Kagura who has the ability to grant one's desire with a single kiss.

These desires then are manifested in a special "Euphorain" power. Saiga's power being death through the camera lens. I'm looking forward to watching more of this series!

In the mean time I also finished watching Evangelion 1.01 You are not alone. A big wow for this one because it is a cinematic version that is completely redrawn. The attention to detail is mind boggling and the story moves fast so you see less of Shinji's whinging. So thumbs up for a cinematic version that went right for once!

Since I am back online I will be sure to make up for lost time. Thanks to all the visitors who return especially our friend from Victoria and our new visitors who enable us to breach the 300 mark so quickly.

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