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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Unicorn Thoughts

I finally got a chance to download the most recent  Mobile Suit Gundam UC Saga Unicorn episode. I gotta say wow its amazing. Its got everything that we remember that was good about UC in todays animation technology. UC is the first Gundam calendar the pioneer and heralds the most iconic designs in the metaseries including the original Gundam, Zeta Gundam, Nu Gundam etc.

I was looking forward to this episode Day of the Unicorn since the initial announcements were made. Man it did not disappoint at all! The colour palette selected was beautiful and the designs were tue to the novel series!

First of the two main mobile suits in order of appearance!

 Kshatriya- 24 Funnels quite amazing I have to say love the green colour scheme and the pilot Marida Cruz being female and kicking butt is a refreshing and well received concept in my opinion.

Unicorn- Unicorn's design really rubs off on you the more you look at it the sleeker it becomes

Okay mecha aside we got the characters now

Banagher Links- Unicorn's pilot, he's whiney but tolerable not as emo as the current lot of main angry/bitter pilots that have taken up the lead role in Gundam series as of late.

Audrey Burne- The main female character shes regarded as a princess by Marida Cruz (Neo Zeon perhaps?).

Marida Cruz- She is Audrey's bodyguard protector of sorts and is a figurehead in the resistance. Pilot of the Kshatriya she takes up most the mobile suit action in this episode.

All up I would give this installment, Day of the Unicorn an 8/10 at times the story dragged a bit also they should have got Banagher into the Unicorn earlier and gave the machine more screen time. But its typical of Sunrise productions to spend one whole installment for a machine to roll out to build up suspense for the next battle... cant wait!

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