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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hiroki returns to the realm of gunpla and anime models!

Okay it's official Hiroki has come out of model retirement! Well I guess it couldn't be helped after purchasing the Tengenkandou Gurren Lagann! :P The subject that sparked this decision was the SD Unicorn Gundam. The build is going to have a metallic red psycho frame and all the exterior armour pieces in matte. Periodic progress will be uploaded during the construction of the model!

Okay the story behind this purchase was a funny one. How can I put this... hmm I sensed its presence like a Newtype! I had a feeling to go to Hobbyco to look for it. I arrived early and waited for Richard to open the doors. I went straight to the SD Gundam section and found it there! When I went back to Richard to pay for it he said,

"Woah! You're quick it only got delivered this morning and put on the shelf ten minutes ago!"

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